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Black Friday 2018 in Malaysia. What do the numbers tell us?

Black Friday 2018 in Malaysia. What do the numbers tell us?

Right before the biggest sale season of the year—Black Friday—analysts from conducted research and a survey among Malaysians. The results of the research reveal what we can expect from Black Friday this year. From this report you’ll learn, among other things, if you can trust the sales that will be offered, what’s the consumers’ attitude toward Black Friday and how much Malaysians are going to spend during Black Friday shopping spree which starts on 23rd November.

Expecting large discounts

Black Friday 2018 in Malaysia

Buyers will not waste the opportunity to save money on shopping. 1 out of 4 of the surveyed Malaysians admitted that they’re going to take part in the upcoming Black Friday sales. This is most likely the result of marketing campaigns—only 5 years ago Black Friday in Malaysia didn’t stir up as many emotions as in the USA or the United Kingdom.

There are other numbers that confirm the serious intentions of consumers on that day. 60% of buyers save money just to do shopping. Let’s remember that Black Friday sales are usually associated with electronics and housewares which are the best-selling products. 5% of respondents decided to buy on installments on Black Friday. The remaining 35% declared that they earn enough to afford some bigger shopping.

Expecting large discounts

During Black Friday, Malaysians are going to do some serious shopping. Most consumers (45%) are going to buy 2-3 products, and 26% are going to go on a shopping spree and buy more than 5 items. What’s more, 59% of buyers already have an idea what’s going to end up in their baskets. This can be due to the infinite number of guides to what’s worth buying and how to find the biggest discounts.

Black Friday symbolically opens the season of pre-Christmas sales. That’s why it’s a great opportunity for those who start searching for gifts in advance. 12% of consumers will take advantage of Black Friday exactly for this purpose—to buy Christmas gifts. However, in Malaysia Black Friday is an occasion to get a present for yourself (77% of respondents chose this answer) or to buy something for your household (20%).

Are sales real?

Real benefits

Multiple reports about fake sales have no effect on experienced clients. 91% of respondents claim that they can find the real discounts among all the Black Friday offers and only 9% say that the sales are fictional and unworthy of the attention of consumers. Let’s remind that according to the last year’s statistics the average discount during Black Friday in Malaysia reached 61%.

What does an average shopper look like?

Portrait of the shopper

The results of the surveys show that an average woman will spend more money on sales than an average man: 206 MYR and 75 MYR respectively.

Which age group is the most interested in Black Friday discounts? To check this out, we looked at last year’s statistics and compared the number of visits to our website on a regular Friday and on Black Friday. We noted a huge increase in traffic among all age groups. However, the biggest interest was among people aged 55-64 and 45-54: the growth of traffic reached 1164% and 451% respectively.

The statistics also say that mobile devices dominated desktops. 52% of consumers did their shopping on mobile phones on Black Friday, 4% used tablets and 44% used desktops.

Black Friday in numbers

  • 91% of respondents trust sales and can find the real discounts
  • 4 out of 10 customers participating in Black Friday don’t know what they’re going to buy yet and will buy things with attractive discounts
  • 60% of respondents save money to take part in Black Friday
  • 45% are going to buy 2-3 products on sales


In the report, we used internal statistical data of the discount platform as well as the results of the survey conducted between 25th and 31th October 2018.

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Are you willing to share our statistics or infographics about Black Friday with your readers? Feel free to use all the data and infographics presented in this report for both commercial and non-commercial purposes as long as you indicate the author of the research ( with a link to this subpage.

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest sale event of the year, during which online stores from all over the world provide up to 90% discounts!

When is Black Friday in 2018?

According to tradition, Black Friday is the Friday following the American Thanksgiving Day. In 2018, Black Friday all over the world, including Malaysia, will take place on the 23rd of November.

What I can buy cheaper on Black Friday?

During Black Friday, the highest discounts are available on electronics and home appliances such as TVs, laptops, smartphones and so on. On this day, even the most recently released models are being discounted. For example, each year companies like Apple and Samsung sell their newest iPhone and Galaxy devices with the highest discounts compared to any other sale event during the year. Xiaomi and Huawei also avail huge discounts on their best-selling products.

Clothing and shoes are also discounted on Black Friday even up to 80%. A huge number of brands and products take part in this sale-event. Thanks to discount codes you have the opportunity to get even 50% extra discount on your purchase.

Besides that, Black Friday is a good opportunity to buy cheaper cosmetics, perfumes, books, goods for children or even pets! Some products are symbolically priced for as low as RM1!

How to be prepared for Black Friday?

  • First, postpone your biggest fall/winter buys to November – this way you can save hundreds of dollars!
  • Do your research on the prices of the products you want to purchase prior to Black Friday so you know exactly how much you are saving!
  • A few days before Black Friday, visit and check out the announcements of Black Friday deals;
  • When the Black Friday sales start, do not waste your time, ‘cause the highest discounts and the best prices (i.e. symbolic 1RM) are only valid for a short period of time!

Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday went beyond expectations in 2017. On 24 November 2017 consumers’ activity increased on average by 624% when compared to an ordinary day. Last year the increase was 619%. The most active users came from Pakistan where number of transactions surged by 11525%. Buyers from Hungary (9750%), Italy (4516%), and Greece (2600%) are also well worth mentioning.

Black Friday 2017 around the world

Unsurprisingly, South African consumers were buying more actively than usual too. The number of sales increased by 2571% on the day of Black Friday. This is, however, a less impressive number than during Black Friday 2016 when the increase in transactions was a staggering 1050%.

Black Friday 2017 in Malaysia

An average value of Malaysian cart reached RM134.39. Which is more by RM8.21 comparing year to year (RM126.18). An average discount percentage during Black Friday reached 61%. That brought RM114 in savings. Cumulatively, Malaysian consumers saved RM1,265,941 thanks to Picodi website.

The most popular categories this year were Electronics, Airline & Fashion. When it comes to the most popular shops, Lazada, Emirates & Zalora took the three top spots.

As for the devices used for online shopping most of people in Malaysia preferred smartphones (52.35%) over desktop computers and laptops (43.64%). Tablets were used by 4.01% of shoppers.


We analysed our internal traffic and transaction data for Black Friday. Our metrics include data from each of the countries where Picodi currently offers its services to users.

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Want to share that Black Friday feeling with your own audience? You’re welcome to use our images and findings for noncommercial purposes, so long as you credit Picodi with a link to this page. Now, that’s a pretty great deal.

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If you’re a journalist hoping to learn more about Black Friday activity on our site, we’re happy to work with you. From internal metrics to projections, we can help you tell your story about one of the biggest shopping days around the world. Get in touch with us at

Black Friday 2016

Black Friday around the world

Thanksgiving may be an American holiday, but the following day is now an international phenomenon. Once an unofficial opportunity for workers to play hooky and get a head start on holiday shopping, Black Friday has blossomed into one of the year’s most active shopping days around the world.

Of course, the globalisation of this sales bonanza owes much to e-commerce. While people from Peru to United Arab Emirates may not get the day off to hunt for deals in person as Americans do, the internet makes cashing in on big savings possible from any location. At Picodi, the world of digital discounts is our business, so we’re well aware of Black Friday’s massive scale. Now we’re sharing our data with the public, so you can see how the world gets its shop on.

Using our internal numbers for traffic and transactions, we’ve compiled this analysis of how shoppers worldwide are pursuing deals and discounts online when Black Friday rolls around. Our findings show just how much shopping surges, which countries are cashing in, and what they’re buying most. Read on to see how savvy shoppers worldwide are saving big on Black Friday.

The Global Shopping Surge

Sessions increase on Black Friday

Black Friday enthusiasm is so intense internationally, a single day can’t contain it – Cyber Monday now extends the deals further for e-commerce fanatics. To cover how shopping spikes on both days, we contrasted November 2016 sales with stats from the month prior. Overall, we saw traffic on our site triple in November, reaching 19.3 million visitors across all markets. But while all countries saw this Black Friday-inspired spike in activity, some were exceptionally eager to shop in November. Website sessions in Finland surged more than 500 percent over its October figures, while Greece and Portugal each saw their sessions spike more than 450 percent.

No nation seemed to cherish this season of sales so much as South Africa, though, where website sessions jumped 936 percent in November. This activity may reflect the nation’s burgeoning international e-commerce interest, with as much as 43 percent of the adult population buying products from abroad online. Other nations demonstrated a surprising interest in November’s digital deals, despite low rates of internet among their populace. While just 15 percent of Pakistan’s residents use the internet with some regularity, their sessions increased roughly 338 percent in November, indicating a keen interest in digital deals.

The Day of the Deal

Transactions increase on Black Friday

Given November’s general traffic spike, it should come as no surprise that Black Friday sees a huge number of ensuing transactions. But our figures offer an extraordinary glimpse into the flurry of activity that takes place globally. Compared to the average number of transactions occurring on all other days of the year, South Africans made 16,226 percent more purchases on our site, more than twice as large a percentage increase as that of any other country. Greece’s transactions increased roughly 7,293 percent above its average daily rate, while purchases in Pakistan, Mexico, and Nigeria each jumped between 3,000 and 4,400 percent as well.

Interestingly, Black Friday surges were somewhat limited in some of the world’s wealthiest nations, such as Germany or the U.K. While the effects of the shopping holiday were significant in these countries, some reports indicate that Black Friday enthusiasm may have cooled in Western Europe. Whether that’s really the case, it seems plenty of deal-hunting drive exists elsewhere on the continent, such as Finland’s 700 percent spike.

The Deals Are Real

Black Friday savings

While our users can find significant savings on any day, their Black Friday visits to our site were particularly rewarded. In fact, their savings on the day totalled €29,937,402, with the average user saving €62.41 individually. Those savings seem particularly sweet compared to the average amount each user spent: €80.79. That figure is predictably higher than what users spend on a typical day (€62.72), but it also means average savings amounted to more than 77% of what the average user paid on Black Friday. Additionally, that €62.41 in average savings goes a long way in many of the countries where we observed intense Black Friday traffic and transaction activity.

These deals reflect the roughly 3,200 special offers available on our site on Black Friday 2016, and those number could improve in 2017. This year, we anticipate having roughly 5,000 unique offers available, which could push total and average savings even higher.

Black Friday Buys

Where are people buying

According to our data, a large part of the international community appreciates a steal on some stylish threads. While many big-box retailers seem to emphasise electronics in their Black Friday deals, that category actually ranked behind fashion for our users. Perhaps this pattern reflects limited brick-and-mortar representation of some clothing brands internationally: Gap, for instance, has just 12 franchise stores on the entire continent of Africa.

In a world where much of the text we read is delivered digitally, books took a surprising third place. Other unexpected categories for Black Friday activity included food delivery services.

Black Friday’s Best Loved Brands

Where are people shopping

While Black Friday may be an international affair, major American companies appear among the most popular brands worldwide. Amazon was a hit in both Spain and Mexico – heartening news for a brand committed to aggressive international investment. Meanwhile, Nike was the top Black Friday brand in both Germany and Portugal. The athletic wear brand has recently relied on global sales to compensate for anemic numbers at home.

Elsewhere, regionally powerful brands dominated the Black Friday action. Asian e-commerce giant Lazada was arguably the most popular brand of all, ranking first in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Other regional favourites included Falabella in Peru and Chile and Lamoda in Russia and neighbouring Belarus. Apparently, Black Friday opportunities are too great for retailers to ignore in virtually every corner of the globe.

Black Friday in Malaysia

Black Friday in Malaysia

There are three phases that took place in the evolution of marketing in Malaysia which started off in 1998 through the incorporation of huge companies that did not only target the technical savvy wealthy upper class but also the upcoming middle class and lower even. 1 – 11/11, 2 – 12/12 & 3 – Black Friday. According to statistics, Black Friday with full speed has overtaken and highly increased on the Malaysian market which occupies the 3rd place on the list of South East Asian e-commerce countries. In 2012, Black Friday became highly popular among online shoppers which led to government release of new regulation statement of the seriousness of online buyer’s protection. Black Friday was reported to have brought USD14.3m in sales only in Asia which almost its quarter belongs to South East Asia and Malaysia has half of its quarter.

Malaysia received a serious boost on the day of Black Friday including a 70 percent surge in website sessions. This resulted in a staggering daily transactions increase by over 1050 percent and brought the usual average order value of RM122.82 to the level of RM126,18. The cause of the spike is fairly simple and unsurprising – great deals. With the average discount value of RM82,19 on a regular day, Black Friday in Malaysia resulted in an unprecedented spike in the average savings allowing users to enjoy RM102,18 average rebate on a single purchase. In total, Malaysians visiting Picodi on that special day did all the maths right – a cumulative total of RM1,345,170 in savings is a glorious example of a pure money-saving nature.

Black Friday by the Numbers

  • On Black Friday 2016, our site saw 3,656,805 pageviews. In 2017, we’re projecting that total will increase to 4,708,276.
  • Compared to October 2016, November 2016 pageviews increased 57.51 percent, and sessions jumped 53.35 percent.
  • This year, we project the number of users visiting Picodi on Black Friday to be 1.2 million.
  • On Black Friday 2016, the average order value was €80.79. That’s a significant increase from the average order value on other days: €62,72.
  • Users saved big on Black Friday 2016, with an average discount value of €62.41. That’s up from €40.95 on a usual day.
  • In 2016, the average Black Friday discount was 53 percent, up from 43 percent on the average day.
  • In total, users saved €29,937,402 on Black Friday last year.

Your Best Black Friday

While our findings demonstrate the scope of Black Friday activity internationally, the power of this shopping holiday is actually far more personal. Wherever you live, the day represents a chance to score big by shopping smart – whichever deal you’re seeking this year. Despite our other differences, getting a good deal may be something that the citizens of every country can appreciate. So when Black Friday 2017 arrives, get ready to get clicking and know you’ll share a special bond with other thrifty spenders around the world.

Let Picodi be a part of that savings bonanza with excellent and exclusive offers and discounts for the brands you love. Black Friday may mean great prices for all shoppers, but our coupons and sales will leave you feeling like you got the best deal of all.


We analysed our internal traffic and transaction data for November and Black Friday specifically. Our metrics include data from each of the countries where Picodi currently offers its services to users.

Fair Use Statement

Want to share that Black Friday feeling with your own audience? You’re welcome to use our images and findings for noncommercial purposes, so long as you credit Picodi with a link to this page. Now, that’s a pretty great deal.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re a journalist hoping to learn more about Black Friday activity on our site, we’re happy to work with you. From internal metrics to 2017 projections, we can help you tell your story about one of the biggest shopping days around the world. Get in touch with us at

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