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Believe it or not, clothes aren’t everything in fashion. Come again, you ask? No, you can’t create a look based on clothes only. Accessories are just as important. Their quantity and quality is a completely different matter, and you may differ from other people in that sense, but if you value the quality more than anything else, you’ll be happy to hear that Charles & Keith products are available in Malaysia now. Check them out and you’ll soon see how great you can look in your regular clothes with just a few additions.

The gold collection at the store

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What is Charles & Keith?

Established in Asia by Charles Wong and Keith Wong, it has always striven to provide women with only the most exquisite products in their fashion ventures. Their success is based on genuine quality and detailed finishing which allows consumers wear and carry their products for years and on the fact that their designs are trend-oriented and universal at the same time.

Find online-only accessories

How do you find your way around the online aisles of the store? Those who always want to be at the forefront of fashion trends can go straight to the New category. You’ll see everything you can find in the fashion catalogs of your favorite designers made into a unique Charles & Keith product. Whatever your data-style is, you will easily find something that goes well with all of your outfits.

If you are looking for something specific and that something is a great pair of shoes go to that category next. You can filter your search by different types of shoes you want. Choose among categories, price, color, size and you can also sort it according to price rising or going lower. As you can see, you will find what you need, no matter what it is.

Trending pieces at Charles & Keith

Shoes aren’t everything, and for any woman to be able to go out of the house, she needs a bag. Whether it’s big or small, regular or evening, you can check the full selection on Charles & Keith’s website yourself. Similarly to shoes available in store, you can filter your search to see only the most relevant results.

What about other accessories? That’s not a problem either. The store takes care of you as a customer and wants you to be able to buy everything you could need. This is why it gives you a broad catalog of all sorts of bling. Choose from belts, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, sunglasses and tech accessories that will help you in your everyday adventures. A stylish keychain will help you find your keys in your new bag. There is just so much to select from!

Workroom collection at Charles & Keith

It’s not just adults who can shop for great quality accessories. Children will have a blast shopping with their moms for new bags and shoes. Going to school will become a great activity with a new backpack full of healthy treats, and shoes will ensure your kids are always comfortable in what they wear.

Charles & Keith coupons

Even if you find a sale product of your dreams or you see that some of the items in the store have been discounted, you can save even more with coupons. How to find them, where and how to use them, here’s a quick guide.

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  • Start searching for products you want to buy. When you see one, choose its color and size, if applicable, and add it to your basket.
  • When finished with shopping, go to your basket and review what’s inside. Enter your promo code and confirm.
  • Leave your address details and card number. Pay and wait for the delivery to come.

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CHARLES & KEITH, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!

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