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Are you one of those guys who absolutely loves to enjoy the most delicious food but at the same time doesn't like spending too much time in the kitchen preparing all those wonderful dishes? We can fully understand that you would like to eat only things which you love and you like to be constantly praised about your cooking skills by your relatives but sometimes it is just impossible to devote the time needed to prepare such meals. Thankfully the days when you had to worry about not finding the time to prepare your favourite food and instead opt for something you don't really like are gone.

If you are wondering how, we can tell you that the solution's name is foodpanda - a place thanks to which you will be able to enjoy your favourite food from the most popular and renowned restaurants in Malaysia - without the need to leave the comforts of your home. If this is the first time you have come across this name, let us tell you that that foodpanda is the most popular food-ordering website in Malaysia, luring tens of thousands of customers every month with its great offer rich in low-cost dishes and high discounts on food most of us simply love. The way of ordering food at foodpanda is the easiest possible (will be explained later) and what's more, by using Picodi you can save extra money on your food orders thanks to foodpanda vouchers available at our website.

Huge cuisine diversity at foodpanda

At foodpanda you can search and browse for hundreds of the most popular and liked restaurants and websites specialising in online catering service in Malaysia. At such websites for which foodpanda offers discounts, you will be able to browse through an amazingly rich and diverse menus characterising in both local and foreign cuisines. Foodpanda - thanks to the huge selection of cuisines and availability of foodpanda vouchers - have managed to satisfy millions of customers around the world (it is a global company operating in tens of countries on different continents) and tens of thousands in Malaysia. Once you decide to try the wonderful service offered by the website, we are sure you will join the list of the satisfied ones. With our help in finding the best foodpanda voucher codes with which you can save on your food order, you will never search for another website of this kind.

More discounts with foodpanda mobile app

Although the number of foodpanda voucher codes and discount deals at Picodi is surely the biggest in the Malaysian web, you can always increase the chances of saving while ordering your favourite food. First way of doing this is to subscribe for foodpanda offers newsletter and the other, increasingly popular, to download the foodpanda mobile app. More often than not foodpanda releases exclusive discount coupons and vouchers for app users only. You can download the mobile app for foodpanda by clicking here.

Most popular menus

Another piece of good news is that foodpanda Malaysia continues to expand to more cities in the country allowing bigger group of customers to enjoy the excellent service. Currently foodpanda allows users to order in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Melaka, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Penang and plenty more. It soon plans to serve the whole country. Currently over 43,000 shops, marts and restaurants co-operate with foodpanda to deliver you your favourite dishes at discount prices. Amongst the most popular cuisines we can name such as traditional Malay food, Thai food, Malaysian food, Italian food, Halal food, Chinese food, Western food as well as fast food options including prompt pizza delivery, delicious burgers and also cakes. Our foodpanda vouchers work on majority of these selections so grab a cup of your favourite tea, relax in your sofa and order food you love for less with Picodi!

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