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Wimpy specials: get 2 shakes for R49.90!

Each Sunday you will get any two classics or limited edition shakes for only R49.90! Take advantage!

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Order Sweet Chili Burger & pay only R49.90!

Order Sweet Chili Burger at Wimpy for only R49.90! Take advantage!

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Wimpy specials: Frank Brekkie R39.90

Order 2 eggs, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, a frank, and toast for as little as R39.90. Click on the landing page to explore Wimpy deals.

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Wimpy Specials: Meals From Only R39

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Wimpy Parties

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All Available Deals

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Wimpy Specials: Double Double Cheese Burger For Only R69!

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Buy a Kiddies Combo Deal & Get a Toy

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Wimpy coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Archive offer Deals At Wimpy

Explore all available deals from Wimpy on the landing page. No promo code is needed.
  • expired: 2020-03-03

Archive offer Sweet Chili Burger For As Low As R49.90

Wimpy presents Sweet Chili Burger for only R49.90! Click on the landing page to make use of the offer.
  • expired: 2020-02-19

Archive offer Wimpy Offer: Save 33%!

Switch R20 in Smart Shopper points for a WIMPY Sunrise Breakfast worth R29,90. Click on the landing page to get familiar with the offer.
  • expired: 2020-01-31

Archive offer BLACK FRIDAY: Quick Bites Under R31!

Take advantage of Black Week madness and try delicious Wimpy burgers from only R31! Go to the main website and find out more!
  • expired: 2019-12-18

Archive offer The Best Prices on Cyber Monday Sale at Wimpy

Cyber Monday deals at Wimpy are so good that they can't last too long - snag them before they're gone!

  • expired: 2019-12-02

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More about Wimpy:

Fast food can do you a world of goodness.

Does fast food always mean junk food? Does a proper meal need to be cooked for hours by your mother or grandmother in order to be delicious? If you answered ‘no’ to both these questions, you’ve probably heard of, or even tried, Wimpy. If not, read on and see why you most definitely should take yourself and your close ones to one of the nation’s favourite eateries.

ZA Wimpy burger

If you take proper care of your finances, as well as your taste buds, take a look at Picodi first. After subscribing, you will be notified about all deals and offers currently available in the restaurant. Not only will you have a fantastic meal, but you will save for your next one!

Why go to Wimpy?

Wimpy is a place where families and friends are welcome. Whether it’s your breakfast before classes at the uni or dinner with your family, you always know you get something worth money spent. Start with your first meal of the day. Classic option consisting of eggs and bacon can easily satisfy your first hunger. Topped with delicious, freshly brewed coffee, that’s what we call a good start of the day. Do you follow Halaal diet? No problem at all, simply make the request at the counter and your pork sausages will be exchanged for beef ones.

ZA Wimpy breakfast

All those people who need to eat something big and filling to feel alive, burgers are always prepared from best quality, prime cuts of beef. Topped with fresh vegetables, yummy cheese and sauces prepared in-house, you will never feel the need to go anywhere else. Not finding anything you like on the menu? No worries, with SLAM burger, you can choose your favourite toppings and create your very own burger yourself!

When your schedule doesn’t follow typical timing rules, you can go for anytime fillers, available all day for your convenience. Some people work late and start their day a bit later so this option is best for them. Anything from BLT baguettes to mince pies can satisfy any hunger at any time of day. Chicken wraps and salads are a fantastic way to fill your stomach with something light and healthy, not damaging your sleek silhouette at the same time. 

ZA Wimpy light

And what would a dinner be without a sweet treat once in a while? It’s wise to be sugar-conscious and not consume refined sugar too often but to have a slice of cake or some ice-cream while eating out is perfectly ok. In fact, Wimpy has been known for their milkshakes, waffles and muffins so don’t let them slip away when you’re screening the menu.

Kids are a major part of the Wimpy business. They are valued customers and the staff always strives to make them feel welcome. Specially selected ingredients for kids menu are always of the best quality possible and as fresh as you can imagine so that the guardians can have some peace of mind after dinner. But Wimpy is not just about the food. It’s also about having fun. So to make sure that children aren’t bored while in the restaurant, there is a selection of games and quizzes to keep them occupied while the parents are having a quiet moment together.

ZA Wimpy kids

Need to organise a party for your little one? That’s a non-issue now with comprehensive services and products every child will love. You can go for all-time favourites such as chips and burgers or opt for healthy choices.

Wimpy promo codes

Don’t worry you will miss an opportunity to eat at Wimpy’s for less. When you visit the website, you should:

  1. Check what type of deals are now on.
  2. Click on one you have your craving on. Breakfasts, lunches or dinners, your budget is no longer the limit.
  3. When you’re on the website, browse through the menu to see what’s available in the restaurant.
  4. If there are vouchers to download, do it at once.
  5. Locate your nearest Wimpy and go have fun!
    ZA Wimpy range
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Wimpy Black Friday

Every year Wimpy prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 can be found on dedicated special pages.