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Archive offer Get Crunch Master at KFC

Crunch Master is back again at KFC! Order Finger Lickin' Loud Crunchmaster and enjoy great meal!
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Archive offer Get Free Delivery on MR D Food App Order

This week only get free delivery on KFC food with MR D Food app! Go to the landing page to learn more.
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Upgrade your Dunked Burger to a Mega Dunked Box Meal this week only for just R30 more, plus get your 440ml drink for free! Don't miss out! This offer is valid this week only!
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Archive offer New KFC Dunked Burger

Buy the newest burger at KFC! Zinger Burger with the fillet dunked in famous honey, ginger and soy Dunked sauce.
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Archive offer Women's Month: KFC Treats From Onnly R4.90

Don't miss out on this offer at KFC! Celebrate women's month with KFC and enjoy sweet treats from as little as R4.90.
  • expired: 2018-08-31

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More about KFC:

Who doesn’t love to share a meal with friends and family while watching a game or a great movie? Now you don’t need to cook the food yourself and spend hours in the kitchen, knowing that you can order a bucket of highest quality chicken in KFC’s signature coating. Eleven herbs and spices still bring people together around the table and now, you can enjoy your favourite chicken bits for even less thanks to KFC promotions.

South Africa KFC

Picodi, on the other hand is a website which serves its visitors with fantastic deals and offers to a variety of stores and restaurants across the country. It’s free and convenient to navigate so if you’re not proficient at surfing the web, you can still use it without much trouble. How about trying to explore it and getting the deals you want while enjoying the perfectly cooked and battered chicken in the comfort of your own home?

South Africa KFC meal

The first restaurant was opened in the 1930’s. Well, it wasn’t a restaurant, really, rather a table, at which visitors were served food by Harland Sanders. The name of the chain comes from the U.S. state, in which the Colonel started his food adventure – Kentucky.

KFC has been present in South Africa since 1971, when it started serving fried chicken glazed in a mix of freshest spices, which to this day hasn’t changed. All employees of the food chain have to adhere to strict confidentiality regulations which helps to keep the recipe secret. That way you can have the original chicken of the highest quality whenever you decide to visit KFC.

It’s not just about selling food to customers, though. The restaurant helps to raise funds to fill children’s tummies in poorest regions of the country. Together with HOPE, they work their hardest to reduce the number of hungry kids so that they can have equal chances of achieving their full potential and fulfilling their dream. From a full tummy to a university degree – spreading hope has become a cornerstone of KFC’s work.

South Africa KFC promotions

One might wonder how on earth is it possible to get the exact same tasting meal everywhere in the world. It’s because the Colonel himself, who perfected the recipe for chicken batter based on his mother’s cooking. It tasted so good, that it would have been foolish to change it drastically. People got to love Harland Sanders’ recipe so it made sense to keep it just the way it was.

The Menu has changed slightly over the years and across the world to accommodate the changing needs of customers. This enables the restaurant to serve them with exactly the meals they are looking for and want, so it’s not a surprise that the chain has been much loved by millions.

No day can start without a proper breakfast, so your local KFC restaurant will serve you some morning treats which will help you kick start your day. You can choose from a vast offer of twisters, toasties and buns, all accompanied by a glass of fresh fruit juice or your favourite cup of tea or coffee. Getting your breakfast right can also mean it’s a lot of fun.

South Africa KFC breakfast

Burger lovers will find amazing deals on signature zingers or grilled chicken, served with fresh vegetables, French fries and a cup of cool and breezy coke. The restaurant’s most known items, such as wings and chicken breast in spicy coating is always prepared onsite to ensure freshness. Each amazing meal can be finished off with mouth-watering desserts such as ice-creams, world-known krushers and classic sundaes.

Now, everyone can enjoy all of the above at home, sharing food with their loved-ones and having fun at the same time. It’s worth remembering that there are some fantastic deals you can take advantage of, updated regularly and now, thanks to Picodi, there are even more!

South Africa KFC special offers

In the unlikely event of you never having tried KFC yourself, do it for less and you won’t regret it for a minute. Here’s how:

1. Start by going to to see which offers are ongoing and when will they end.

2. Found what you needed? Click on green deal tab to get it.

3. You’ll be taken to KFC’s website, where you can find the deal you chose. Pick the items you want delivered home.

4. Click on ‘thumbs up’ icon to confirm.

5. Pay. If picodi gave you a code, you should be able to enter it. If it was a deal, the price will be reduced accordingly.

6. Wait for your hot and juicy chicken to arrive.

Just because KFC is a chain, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it with a bottle of beautiful wine from or order Chinese and Indian at the same time from OrderIn.

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