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Hot Wheels & Shopkins at McDonalds


McDonalds Coupon Code: Get App & Enjoy First Delivery for Free

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McDonalds Available Now at UberEATS


Special Offers Available the Nearest McDonald's Restaurant


South African Breakfast Available Now at McDonalds


McDelivery Coupons & Promotions Available at McDonalds South Africa


Current Promotions at McDonalds


McCafe Coffes & Desserts Menu


Spicy Cajun Chicken For Only R39.90

McDonalds coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Buy Happy Meal and choose you friend! Peter Rabbit collection is now available till 12.04.2018.
  • expired: 2018-04-19

Don't miss out on this deal at McDonalds! Buy Big Mac and pay as little as R39.90.
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Buy Happy Meal and choose you friend! Snoopy collection is now available till 15.03.2018.
  • expired: 2018-03-26

New toys are in McDonald's now! Order a happy meal and choose your friend! This offer is time-limited.
  • expired: 2018-02-08

Order the Valentine's Combo for only R150 at McDonalds and spend romantic moments with your lover! Click to learn more.
  • expired: 2018-02-15

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More about McDonalds:

Feels like home

When travelling, we like to get the sense we’re at home. From time to time, we just get home-sick and simply want to lay back on the chair and have some comfort food. With so many restaurants with questionable quality of food, it’s extremely difficult to find a place to stop and eat while on a journey. Fortunately, there is a restaurant which has the very same look and feel across the world and which makes you feel welcome at all times. McDonald’s. 

Get the best offers

Although food at McDonalds may not be the most expensive on the market, with Picodi, it can get even cheaper. Promotional codes and coupons available on the website will equip you in money-saving tools you can use across the country. And if you travel internationally, there’s a big chance you’ll find their local McDonalds and Picodi too. Smart!

Safety, all safety.

McDonald’s restaurants don’t like to be called junk food chain because they strive to cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences. Yes, the food is prepared fast, but it’s always fresh and the kitchen is always sparkling clean. In fact, places like that need to meet extremely high hygiene requirements in order to have the permission to operate. Did you know, for example, that fries that haven’t been used within several minutes, need to be thrown away? That’s how fresh it gets. That hardly ever applies to McDonald’s, though, because the place is much loved and frequently visited. 

Eat at McDonalds

The staff there understands that a customer deserves the best quality of service. That is why, regardless of the country you’re in, you are going to get the best person serving you at the counter. A smile goes a long way and that’s their unofficial corporate motto.

Choice, oh so much choice. 

Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to have their breakfast outside of their home, or you just want to sip your coke after school or work, you’ll be spoilt for choice at McDonald’s. Breakfast items include all-time favourites, such as egg muffins, cheese and ham toasts and oats, for those of us who are more carbs and protein oriented. Let’s not forget about delicious signature coffee that warms your heart with every sip. The 100% Arabica is perfectly brewed every time and combined with some of their signature cakes, it tastes heavenly.

Find something you like

For any other time of day, order your burgers (including the famous Big Mac), chicken burgers, wraps and combine them with delicious and freshly prepared sides to create a filling meal. Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s fries are always so perfect? That’s because they are cut onsite using specially selected type of potato, ideal for making chips. The balance between water and starch makes them resistible to soaking in fat and crispier than any other kinds. To a person on a diet, the restaurant can cater as well, including delicious salads with or without dressing, which served with water will not bring any remorse to your mind.

Events and occasions

You might have heard that a couple organised their wedding reception at McDonald’s and they had reasons for it. The kids are almost always right, especially if they insist on having their birthday parties at this particular restaurant. Food is safe for consumption by children and all allergens are clearly labelled. After such a great day, your kids will leave the place happy and with the biggest smile on their faces. Isn’t it the point of having a party for your kid?
The chain is so committed to changing the world for the better that it also supports local Ronald McDonald’s houses. The charity provides parents, whose children are in hospitals, with free places to stay with separate rooms, bathrooms and shared kitchen. It strives to create conditions they’d get at home, even when they are away from it.

A place like home

How to use Picodi with McDonalds

When you want to use McDonald’s voucher codes, simply follow these steps:

  • Look up and see what offers are currently available. Some of them are ongoing but other are on a limited run or on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Choose the one you’re most interested in.
  • Click on it or copy the promo code which appeared on the screen.
  • You’ll be taken to McDonald’s website where you can browse through the menu and choose your perfect meal.
  • Remember that the restaurant offers delivery so order your meal to your house if you want to watch a film or a game while eating.
  • Pay and enjoy the food that has been freshly prepared to order.

Feel good at McDonalds

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