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More about Nando's:

Nando’s is a chain of restaurants with a very long history, founded in 1987 so literally hundreds of years ago. Reached peaks of popularity thanks to PERi-PERi. Behind this name is hidden a very specific kind of spice also known as Bird’s Eye Chilli. This spice was first discovered by Portuguese explorers that used to follow famous spice route. Nando's was founded by two friends Robbie Brozin and Fernando Duarte. Right after Fernando offer of his friend to taste chicken prepared with his own recipe. It was the amazing taste of PERi-PERi sauce that made it taste so special and it is continued ever since. That amazing taste was the culprit behind that how people consider chicken as a food, every day that change can be perceived in every Nando's restaurants all around the globe, where you can taste the best flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

ZA Nandos burger

It does not matter what language you speak or where you live in, every time you visit Nado's you can be sure that you will be welcomed and treated like at home. In each of uniquely designed restaurants, you can be sure to feel happy thanks to vivid colours inspired by Nando's Portugal roots, it is a perfect place to enjoy yourself while having delicious food served for you and your friends.

ZA Nandos Peri-Peri

All Nando's restaurants have only one goal they aim for, it is making all customers happy by providing them possible highest quality service and serving only the best available food you can find. All those are not just empty words, it is a promise signed by Nando. It can be seen in all Nando's restaurants hanging on walls, reminding of company values and ensure customers that they will get a possibly of the best from what company have to offer including expected unique taste associated with the brand. The promise wears Escudo symbol that becomes something very personal and important for all restaurants and it works as a reminder of all above values.

ZA Nandos food on plates

Some Nando's restaurants support delivery service to your door, time may vary depending on distance and workload at given restaurants. Usually, it takes under 45 minutes but it might be good idea to call and receive more detailed information directly from the restaurant.  

Nando's also offers a special menu for young children under 12 years old, consisting of not that “hot” foods which are definitely more kids friendly. If you suffer from allergy ask the manager at any restaurant to provide information about exact ingredients. Before grilling in front of you all served chicken is marinated for 24 hours. All chicken meat is provided by Halaal suppliers and same goes for all ingredients used preparing final product. It is also possible to receive specific nutritional information by emailing customercare@nandos.com

ZA Nandos new meal

While Nado's never adds any gluten containing ingredients to its famous sauce some of the foods in menu may contain it, those foods are: desserts, pita, Portuguese roll, burger roll and wraps

Nando's offer additional sachets of PERi-PERi sauce for orders including chips and while they don't sell basting sauce it is possible to buy PERi-PERi sauce in major retail stores.

ZA Nandos chicken wings

On will website, you will find the all the special promotions which are also included on the website. Get some special Nando’s discount coupons and pay less for the food you like. Your favourite Mexican food is now in better price. Find on the website the promotion you like, click on it and the link will take you directly to the website and to the extraordinary world of Mexican food. Sometimes you will be offered an interesting code, which works in the delivery and in ordering online. Online you have to paste it in a place provided on the website. Sometimes you can also use while calling the restaurant. 

Make the best our of online discounts!

If you want to save even more, wait for Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019. Many shops and restaurants offer the best deals in the whole year to stimulate commerce and guarantee engagement of the clients.