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More about UCOOK:


How do you feel about cooking? In today’s incredibly fast world cooking seems to be too much of a burden. To plan a meal – healthy, filling and reasonably cheap – takes some time itself. And don’t even get me started on searching for all you need, wasting hours in queues and then discovering that you forgot to buy the key ingredient. Fortunately, the solution is closer than you would think. Just type “UCOOK” in your browser, visit the UCOOK website and let the “magic” do all the hard work.


How does this magic work?

UCOOK is a real game-changer in the future of cooking. It’s a website that provides you with everything you need to cook a hearty and tasty meal for no fees apart from food cost itself. First, UCOOK’s chefs prepare 9 delicious, healthy, seasonally inspired recipes every week. You sign up for a weekly plan which specifies what type of meals you’re interested in and how many portions are supposed to be in one meal. At the moment, UCOOK offers plans including three meals a week but there are plans to put this number up. After subscribing for a plan, you can choose 3 meals from those 9 available and, at the beginning of a week, UCOOK will deliver all the ingredients you need to prepare your chosen meals. To sum it up:

  • Subscribe for a 3-meals-a-week plan on UCOOK,
  • Choose your meals from 9 different recipes prepared by professional chefs,
  • Have the ingredients delivered – for free – to your doorstep,
  • Enjoy the pleasure of cooking without the necessity to gather all the stuff yourself,
  • Eat delicious meals, prepared by yourself without an unnecessary hassle.

ZA UCOOK how it works

UCOOK’S food philosophy

UCOOK takes special care to ensure all the offered meals are a combination of ingredients that are fresh, healthy and cheap. Their whole food’s philosophy is based on the three pillars to make sure all the ingredients are Ethical, Organic and Local. You can rest assured that every product you may buy from UCOOK was sourced adhering to strict sustainability standards, with environment and fair trade in mind. All the ingredients are fresh and of organic origin. You won’t find any unnecessary chemicals in UCOOK’s food, such as preservatives, artificial colouring and flavour. UCOOK maintains the freshness and healthiness of its products by cooperating with small local farms and purveyors which provide UCOOK’s stock with home grown, fresh, seasonal plants and high-quality, pasture-reared meat.

ZA UCOOK fresh herbs

UCOOK’s menu

UCOOK’s meals fall into three main categories: Low-Carb, Rustic, Vegetarian. You can go to Menu section any time you want and browse the meals. Every meal includes a list of ingredients you will get from UCOOK, basic ingredients that you should have at home and prep time. Oh, and a mouth watering photo of every meal – probably to make the choice not too easy for you. As for the step by step recipe and ingredients’ exact quantities, you will receive it with your meal package on the beginning of each week. Of course, regardless of what food category you chose during subscription, you can select meals from whichever category you feel like.

ZA UCOOK burger

How to join?

Do you want to give UCOOK a try? That’s easier than you think. Your subscription can be paused at any time you want and you won’t be charged anything for it. Not to mention that the subscription itself is entirely free. The only money you pay is for ingredients to your chosen meals – no additional charges included, not even for a delivery! The fact that UCOOK gathers its products from local business and farms, instead of some far-away places, means that the food is cheaper than in supermarkets. And you can make it even cheaper by using discount codes. Here is how:

  • Visit and enter “ucook” into the search box. Click on “Search”.
  • You will see a list of ongoing promotions. They are divided into promo codes and special offers. Find UCOOK promo code and click on “Reveal the Code” button.
  • Copy the revealed code and go to UCOOK website.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up. You can use your Facebook account or create one based on your e-mail.
  • Choose your meal plan according to the number of portions and food type. Don’t worry – you can change both of these options anytime during your subscription.
  • Enter your personal details, specify the preferred delivery time and enter your delivery address.
  • In the billing step, above your card details, you will find a place for using your promo code. Paste it into the box and click on “Redeem”. Your total price will be lowered by the code’s value.
  • Complete signup process and enjoy your healthy, delicious meals from UCOOK!

ZA UCOOK sign up

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