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About is a popular South African online store and marketplace offering more than 12 million products at affordable prices. At the shop's online store you can browse a wide range of books dvds, blue-ray, games, music, electronics, and more. Loot is known for offering great prices on products, Loot free delivery, and frequent discounts that allow Loot's customers to save money during online shopping.

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Loot is one of the SA’s very successful online stores that in short time boomed the South African Web. Through it was founded in 2003, the fact is that nowadays Loot is well placed at the forefront of the online stores in South Africa, to be more precise, it is put amongst five most popular online shopping destination in its sector. There are for sure more than enough reasons behind the Loot’s popularity. A huge range of items on sale, plenty of ongoing promotions and generally discounted products are some of the reasons for the continually increasing number of Loot’s customers. Furthermore, Loot offers an excellent customer service and guaranties timely delivery. If you haven’t yet visited the retailer’s website, don’t hesitate much longer, grab a Loot voucher code and do it just now!

All departments

All the products are divided in several categories, so called departments. You have a great choice, believe me! The selection of products is really broad: at Loot’s you will find books, DVDs, games, music, electronics and computers as well as many other useful items for your home, office and children, including babies and toddlers. And finally, at Loot you can browse many interesting and professional equipment and tools you can use for your free time at home (crafts) and outdoor. All departments are listed on the top of the website, so you can easily and quickly find what you need. If you also click on the categories, you will have to notice that the products are additionally sub divided into many other subcategories, types, genres and sorts. It’s not only helpful, but also very inspiring when searching for good ideas.

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One of the online services provided by Loot is a tool called “Wishlists”, which is not quite an innovation: you wish to have something and make a nice list, easy enough! But here at Loot you can do it while searching and browsing through the numerous categories and product lists on the online store. The list is then saved at Loot and stays available only for you, or you can make it visible for your family and friends. If you decide to enable the list, you can easy find out if one of your friends has already registered this kind of item at Loot – her or his email address will be enough to find it out Moreover, the good news is that there are many vouchers and discounted prices available at Loot – you don’t have to pay full price anymore. For details, see below. If you are planning to buy someone a gift, please notice that you can also buy a Loot gift voucher – great gift idea for every shopping enthusiast!

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Hot deals

Want to get a great deal? Loot makes it easy for you to get a really great bargain again and again. By clicking the button “Hot Deals” you get to the landing page with the current list of discounted products offered at Loot. Note however that the offers are available only for a limited period of time. After clicking the button “Get the deal” you will be invited to sign in or create an account.
And if you wish to get Loot daily deals straight to you email box, go to their home page and sign up for the newsletter. You will be first to know about the news!

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How to shop with the Loot voucher codes

Once you have entered the name of our website,, in your Web browser, you can find easily find Loot among other retailers listed on the site. How to find Loot on the website? Simply enter the name of the shop’s name in the Picodi’s browser or click the “retailers” category and then find Loot on the retailer’s list. Click it. Isn’t it sweet when you can see and browse the long list of Loot promotions offered currently on the website? Quickly, spot the red button “get the deal” and click it – you don’t want to miss it. Some of the buttons called “reveal the code” can provide you with the special Loot coupon code that can help you save even more on your shopping at Loot. Search for it and click it if you have a chance.

The next step is as easy as pie: click the button to see the code. Copy the code and save it for the last stage if your shopping at Loot: checkout.

Enter Loot voucher code at checkout

You will need the Loot code you have found at Picodi after you have been accessed to your shopping cart. Before you decide to pay, don’t forget to enter the copied Loot code into the dedicated promo code box to get the promised Loot discount. Later, you will be also asked to provide necessary information such as address, current postal address for the delivery, etc. – it is crucial to proceed with the checkout process.

Don’t forget to follow these steps:

  1. First time shopper? Looking for discounts? Enter and start browsing for promotions
  2. Search for your favourite online retailer, Loot, to find out what kind of promotions, vouchers and deals are available at the moment.
  3. If the discount is available only by entering the Loot coupon code, remember to copy and save the code before redirecting to Loot website.
  4. To be up to date with the latest Loot deals, leave your email address at Picodi or register and start receiving regular notifications about current offers.
  5. Have fun and visit us again!

ZA Loot free delivery

Every year Loot prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.

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