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Last update: 2018-05-25

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Shoprite coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Don't miss out on Shoprite long weekend deal! It's R20 low price rush!
  • expired: 2018-04-30

Take advantage of 10% off discount for students during student discount week from 25.04.2018 till 29.04.2018! Don't miss out!
  • expired: 2018-04-29

Take advantage of 10% off discount for students on 22.03.2018! Don't miss out!
  • expired: 2018-04-25

Visit your local store in order to take advantage of Easter savings! Head to the landing page to check the best offer!
  • expired: 2018-04-02

Take advantage of Shoprite sale at Shoprite! Visit your local store to save! This deal is available till 04.03.2018.
  • expired: 2018-03-04

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Shoprite promo code reviews by Picodi users:

Good prices and fresh vegetables

Tell us about your shopping experience at Shoprite....good food and they are fresh

Always friendly staff and great service plus great specials

Food are fresh and low price that everyone Can afford at shoprite

Food are fresh and low price that everyone Can afford at shoprite

Lowest prices everytime

fresh fruit and vegetables everyday. Lowest prices you can trust always

More about Shoprite:

Make your life more affordable

Do you struggle every month to make ends meet when the only things you bought were absolute essentials? Do you want to find a place where you know you will buy good quality food and other products for a price that isn’t too high? Shoprite is the answer to all your everyday, financial issues. With prices so competitive and range so extensive, you know that you and your family are in good hands.

ZA Shoprite front page

To make things even better and to make life a bit easier for you, Shoprite has teamed up with Picodi, a discount code website that gives you an unmissable opportunity to save every single day. Hundreds and thousands of rands can finally be spent on what you want, not on what you have to buy.


Shoprite is now South Africa’s leading retailer in grocery and home. Customers know that value for money found at the store is undeniable and available for everyone. Shopping on the website is just as easy as it is in traditional store, you just look for what you need through wide range of products and download coupons. You can then use them in the shop whenever you’re onsite.

ZA Shoprite offers

The biggest problem for most shoppers all over the world is the fact that they buy way too many things. They go to the store without a checklist and they are easily persuaded by marketing practices into purchasing products they don’t really need. Shoprite is different – when you already know what you need from looking on the website, you’re less likely to buy things you weren’t planning to in the first place. This means more money stays in your pocket. Can you think of a more honest approach?

Shoprite understands that people are becoming increasingly busy by the day. They don’t have time to do all the things they used to because of work and home responsibilities. But the bills still need to be paid and other financial tasks need to be performed. So there’s no need any more to go to the station to book your bus tickers and you don’t have to go to the bank to transfer even large amounts of money. You can do everything in just one place.

ZA Shoprite money savings

When you become a parent, everything is just as exciting as it is frightening. No wonder, you suddenly become responsible for a whole other person in your life, one that is completely reliant on you. To ease the stress, Shoprite is giving you all the essentials you may need in that new chapter of your life. Don’t worry, it gets easier over time. And when your baby becomes a toddler you will be well equipped to enter into another one. Need some parenting tips apart from clothes, milk and toys? You’ll find it all the answers you need on the website. No questions asked.

Everyone likes to take care of themselves from time to time. To do this, though, one not only needs excellent quality products but also just a little bit of knowledge that comes with them. All the advice you need regarding your beauty and hair can be found on Shoprite website. Sleek straight hair or luscious locks you want to be proud of – check how to achieve both with shampoos, conditioners and sprays. Smooth, young-looking skin is easy to achieve with the right cleansers, scrubs and creams.

ZA Shoprite beauty

Shoprite promo codes

To make things less difficult for you when browsing through the catalogue, first:

  1. Check what sort of deals are currently available at Shoprite. Use Picodi for a handy guide.
  2. Click on the deal you think is best.
  3. You’ll be redirected onto Shoprite’s website to see what’s in store.
  4. If you want to know where your nearest Shoprite store is located, simply click on store locator.
  5. To download coupons, simply enter your phone number and they will be sent straight onto your mobile phone.
  6. Go to the store and buy what you need. 

    ZA Shoprite deal

    Great deals and savings available every day? It’s possible with Publik and Spur’s discount codes.

Every year Shoprite prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2017 and Cyber Monday 2017 can be found on dedicated special pages.