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We all keep hearing about global warming, air and water pollution and many species of animals being on the verge of disappearing forever. Obviously we get upset and concerned about the state of our planet, but most of the time we feel like there's nothing we can do to prevent it.

You see, the thing is, we can. Sure, you won't solve all the problems at once, but you most certainly can make a difference. When it comes to caring about environment, every choice matters, whether it's about recycling your waste, using energy-saving technology or choosing a bus or a bike over a car. Same thing goes for shopping – by choosing organic and certified products while shopping for groceries or household supplies, you're helping to keep our planet safe from harmful substances and unethical companies. And Faithful to Nature is here to provide you with the greatest, most natural products you can trust. Do something good for yourself and the environment - start shopping with Faithful to Nature online shop!

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Faithful to Nature is an online organic shop based in Cape Town. It was established in 2007 by the amazing Robyn Smith, an enthusiast and propagator of healthy, environment-friendly lifestyle. The idea behind this business is not only selling eco-friendly products but also promoting a conscious and ethical way of shopping. Why is it so important? Because all of the chemicals commonly used in our everyday products, such as lead or SLS, might be unsafe and damaging to our bodies, as well as the environment.

Faithful to Nature pride themselves on having a very strict ingredient policy. They make sure that manufacturers' claims about products being organic, natural, bio, vegan etc. are actually true. That's why when you're purchasing something at Faithful to Nature you're free to set your worries aside – they only sell genuine products. However, if you suffer from allergies or you simply want to know what is in the product you're buying, a detailed ingredients list is available for everything that's sold at Faithful to Nature. You can take your time reading them, sitting comfortably in your favourite chair and sipping on some nice, herbal tea. Boy, online shopping certainly has its perks.

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It sure will amaze you how wide the range of products and prices at Faithfultonature is. Basically, you can do all of your shopping here, from gardening products to shaving gels. You've probably heard that organic food and cosmetics are expensive, but prices at Faithful to Nature are really affordable, often below the recommended retail price. Also, delivery costs are very reasonable and with every order you place comes a gift – free literature and samples. To make finding whatever you need effortless, the merchandise was divided into 8 main categories that you can browse through: food, health, beauty, body, home, gifts, kids and lifestyle. In case you're looking for a specific product or a particular label, you can also search by brand or certain ingredient at Faithful To Nature.

Most of the merchandise is locally made, since Faithful to Nature proudly supports South African local businesses. Also, when it comes to cosmetics, all of the products are cruelty-free (meaning they were not tested on animals) with some suppliers having a formal backup in the form of certificates from Leaping Bunny, Beauty Without Cruelty, Animal Aid Certified and Choose Cruelty Free.

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Faithful to Nature is not only a shop, but also a natural and organic blog where you can find healthy recipes, information about natural healing and eco living tips. You can also visit their regularly updated profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for even more green inspiration.

If you'd rather read a newspaper than scroll through tweets, just so you know: Faithful to Nature was featured in prestigious, popular magazines like Women's Health, Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan or House and Leisure.ZA Faithful to Nature organic products


Still struggling with the decision whether or not to go organic? Let us make it even easier for you. We can offer you some pretty sweet Faithful to Nature deals over at Picodi. So while you're shopping for those natural scented candles, kale chips and granola bars, take a look at all these Faithful to Nature promotions! Want to receive a special voucher for R100? All you need to do is subscribe to the Faithful to Nature newsletter and not only will you get that voucher, but also regular updates and access to exclusive content straight to your mailbox. Guess you're not going to pass on that one, huh? And do not forget to visit Faithful To Nature blog!

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