Owndays Promotion: Buy 1 & Get 50% Off the 2nd Pair

What a deal! Buy two items on the same day and save 50% on the second one. Promotion is valid with frame + lens set only. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Owndays Gift Voucher For $50

An amazing voucher for a useful, hip and beautiful pair of glasses is always a great idea! You can buy a voucher for only $50 and never worry about a gift idea ever again! Go to the landing page to find out more. Terms and conditions apply.

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Owndays Contact Lenses For $30

Get a pack of 30 one-day contact lenses by Owndays for as little as $30! Go to the landing page to find out more!

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Owndays Promo: Snap Glasses From S$20

Get Owndays Snap glasses for as little as S$20. Enjoy the sun with your new snap-ons.

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Owndays Lens Replacement Service

If you need to replace lenses of your old favorite glasses Owndays offers this service from $98, depending on the type of lenses.

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Owndays Promo: Free Local Delivery

Make your purchase at online shop and enjoy local delivery for free!


Owndays Promo: 20 Minutes Quick Processing

In just 20 minutes after purchase, your glasses are going to be ready. Tap the offer to check more details!

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Archive offer Owndays Promo: Sunglasses Collection

Warmer days are approaching and you (and your eyes) should best be prepared. Check out the landing page to buy lovely and fashionable sunglasses.
  • expired: 2020-05-24

Archive offer Owndays Promo: Sunglasses Collection

Warmer days are approaching and you (and your eyes) should best be prepared. Check out the landing page to buy lovely and fashionable sunglasses.
  • expired: 2020-05-17

Archive offer Owndays Promo: Free Local Delivery

Make your purchase at online shop and enjoy local delivery for free!
  • expired: 2020-05-17

Archive offer Owndays Promo: Simple Price System

All the basics you need–a high index asphere, a cassette and a cloth optical lens. Prices start between $98 - S$198.
  • expired: 2020-05-10

Archive offer Owndays Promo: Order Gundam Head Case!

Gundam Head Case from are finally ready to order! Make your shopping now! Go to the landing page for more details now.
  • expired: 2020-04-26

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More about Owndays:

For you and your eyes - Owndays Promo Codes

Our eyes are important and have an important role to play. Yet, we don’t pay enough attention to them on a daily basis. Did you know, for example, that one in two adults have compromised vision? Due to poor lifestyle choices, prolonged working at the computer or neglecting initial symptoms, we risk the wellbeing of our eyes. If you need expert advice on how to take proper care of them and where to get the best glasses, go to Owndays. An international optician that cares.

Owndays - fashion forward sunglasses at affordable prices

Glasses could get quite pricey so make sure you get the best deals possible. Start with Picodi and subscribe to a newsletter that will allow you to save plenty of cash every single day. Don’t worry, it can be used every single day for even the most basic purchases.

About Owndays

Don’t you just hate it when you find a pair of glasses and frames but the pricing is so complicated you can hardly understand it? All you wanted to do was to purchase a pair of focals that would help you see! Owndays doesn’t have that problem because each pair is priced in a plain and understandable way. The price you see is inclusive of everything a pair of glasses must include. You know exactly what you need to pay.

Variety of glasses brands at Owndays

Let’s start with the most important component – lens. It needs to be durable and light. It should be made of the best material possible and modern ones should be equipped with UV protection layer. All of the lens sold at Owndays do have them so that your eyes can enjoy the best protection possible. Forget about lens developing a think dust layer – they are dust resistant as well. And these are just the traditional ones! For specific needs, the store can offer you other types, such as bi-focal, progressive and colour.

Are you in a hurry? Fear not, your glasses will be processed even up to 20 minutes after you make the purchase. You will be able to go back to your day as soon as you receive your product and get used to your new glasses before the next day at the office. Great, but what if you already have frames you love but want to change the lens to new ones? This is not a problem with Owndays. As a comprehensive service, it offers you a possibility to simply change the lens and put it into your existing frames.

Wide variety of choices for your own glasses

Apart from glasses that are supposed to improve your vision, there is a large selection of sunglasses available in store. In a country like Singapore, your eyes should enjoy the best protection against UV rays because they may damage not only your eye sight but your overall health as well. So be sure you buy the best on the market when you shop at Owndays. You have an option of choosing the material they were made of, from plastic to stainless, the shape. It will make your online shop much quicker and more convenient.

Owndays cares about all of those people who need vision correction but perhaps don’t have access to the right facilities and medical staff. It therefore organises Owndays Eye Camps, in which people in poorer areas can have their eyes checked and whether they are already suffering from various diseases. Owndays then makes glasses for them to improve their lives. It is the type of community service that improves their lives almost instantly, helping them get back to work and provide for themselves and their families. Real and practical help, so needed in today’s world.

Glasses and sunglasses? Yes!

Owndays also believes in having a good relationship with the customer even after the sale process. This is why it offers you a 1 month full refund if you change your mind, 1-year warranty on their frames and lens, and if you can’t really get used to progressive lens, you can exchange them to regular ones for free! You will also get a lifetime cleaning, and maintenance service as well as consultations for free!

How to shop with Owndays promo codes?

You should look for savings wherever possible and it’s really easy with Picodi. Simply:

  1. Take a look at all of the deals which are live right now.
  2. Read the specifications and see what the expiration date is (if it is a Black Friday & Cyber Monday promo it's time-limited).
  3. Click on the deal and copy the promo code provided.
  4. If there is no code, just go to Owndays’ website.
  5. Start shopping using categories on the top of the page.
  6. To make your search quicker, adjust your filters.
  7. Click on the item you want to buy and see it in close-up.
  8. Check the availability in your nearest store. If you’re having problems doing it, just call the Owndays’ hotline to enquire.
  9. Go to the store, purchase your glasses and take advantage of Picodi deal.

Fantastic! Now that you can see properly, you can watch films they were intended with Picodi vouchers.