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More about iHerb:

For your wellbeing first and foremost

It’s always better to prevent illnesses than to treat them. Medical services are not only more expensive but also bring many worries to you and your family. It is why if you want to preserve your health before anything happens to it and you want to do it as naturally as possible, choose herbs and spices. iHerb will help you choose the right ones for your particular needs, and you will soon find out why.

iHerb online store

Picodi can also serve you as a little helper, especially if you’re looking for advice with regards to saving money. Discount codes and promotions, all put into one place will ease your stress when it comes to financial issues, and you will quickly get into the habit of visiting the website before each purchase.

For your health

If you’re wondering why herbs are making their big comeback when it comes to medical issues, just ask your grandparents how they were able to treat common and more severe conditions in their day. Chances are they will tell you they used vitamins, herbs, and spices because they were proven to help in virtually any case. This is what iHerb is all about – bringing you all the best from the past in the modern form.

iHerb 's Chinese supplements

Shopping at iHerb is very easy, you just need to find your way around virtual aisles. If you know what condition you have and you’re looking for a remedy, check out Conditions. You will see that there is a cure for most of the things that bother the modern man, for example, cholesterol, acne, blood sugar or problems with eye vision, to name a few. Knowing what you need is the first step – finding the right help is the second.

You can also look through the available categories which are especially helpful if this is your first time here on iHerb. Browse through Supplements, Herbs, Bath, Beauty, Grocery, Baby, Sports, Home and Pets and you will soon realize that popping a pill isn’t everything and you can aid your curation process in other ways.

There is always a herb for every condition

iHerb only brings the best quality and genuine products to you. You can ensure you only get the best service and items by looking into the list of brands sold on the website. Top manufacturers who care are at your service with their expertise and experience. You will soon find your favorite brand to help you in your everyday struggles with aches and pains.

At first, you might not know where to start so check out the Best Sellers. This is what most of the customers look for when on the website and if you follow their track, you will not go wrong. If it has been tried and it works, you can also try it, provided your doctor does not tell you otherwise.

iHerb's bestsellers

iHerb also has got some Specials prepared just for you. Now and then you can find new promotions on products which have just come into the store. This is a great chance to try them as soon as they are released. And if you don’t want to buy anything for the full price until you know how it works, try out the Trial Items. You will be able to test them and make an informed decision with regards to the purchase.

iHerb promo codes

Don’t believe the misconception that keeping good health costs a fortune. In fact, nature has got everything you need! You don’t need to go around the bushes in search of all the goodness. All you need to do is:

  • Subscribe to Picodi and as soon as you get a newsletter email about a new deal, visit the website and check which deals are available at that moment.
  • If you see a discount offer that you like, click on it and copy the promo code you see. Is there none? Just go to iHerb’s website.
  • Start looking for products you wish to purchase and when you see one, add it to the basket. Continue shopping as usual.
  • When done, go to your basket and review your order. Add your promo code where appropriate. To finalize your order, make the payment and confirm.


iHerb's trial items'

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