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Let’s Buy the Smart Way!

Have you ever been thinking of what’s the best way to buy a new pair of eyeglasses? With the boom of e-commerce business shopping online seems to be more and more popular every day. There is no surprise – that is a real time, nerves and money saver. First, you don’t need to wait in long queues to get to the most desired items. Second thing is just pure relax opportunity while sitting comfortably at your home, with a cup of coffee maybe, and going through multiple offers and wide range of products using your computer only. The third thing you can save is of course your money. There’s almost always a good chance to get some discount or find a good promotion while shopping online. Especially, when you’re a friend with Picodi, which specializes in discount areas and coupon codes for numerous websites.

How to smart buy glasses?

Let’s go back to our very first question: is shopping online the best way to buy a new pair of eyeglasses? The traditional way would be of course going in person to some stationery shop and trying them on – each pair one by one. And you may think that’s the only reasonable way. In fact, many people used to believe that. However, they tend to change their minds after visiting

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Trying on numerous sets of frames may be a very tiring experience. Actually, after a while, you don’t always remember which pair suited you better than the other and in which one your face looks the best. Surprisingly, you can find some help on the Internet! There has been a special 3D Virtual Try On system invented to give you some clues and slim down the selection helping you narrow your search by trends, top sellers, price range and frame shape. Ready for more?

SmartBuyGlasses as the smartest way to buy ones

It’s worth mentioning that SmartBuyGlasses specializes not only in selling glasses online but also in providing their customers with the most luxurious branded ones! There is a vast range of over 80 designer eyeglasses brands to choose from! It’s hard to name only some of them as there are the best of the best. Whether you want to “refresh your look” and shop for regular eyeglasses, “celebrate summer in data-style” and find your perfect sunglasses or just check the latest trends and seasonal data-styles – SmartBuyGlasses is the right place for you.

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This all you can find in reasonable prices. Furthermore, there will also be some great SmartBuyGlasses coupon codes or promotions to check but we will talk about that later. Let’s have a more detailed look at the store first!

What a great choice! is part of the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group (operating in the UK, Germany, Italy, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the USA) and specializes in providing Singaporean customers with the largest range of designer sunglasses, prescription eyewear, contact lenses, optical products and services. In its offer, there is a vast selection of products from the latest eyewear trends to never go out of data-style classics. All at the best possible prices.

Famous brands at SmartBuyGlasses

The company is famous for its exceptional customer service – you can easily get in touch with the customer service team, ask any questions needed and fill out your feedback form with any suggestions. As one of the eyewear products leading e-retailers since 2006, SmartBuyGlasses gives you guarantee of 100% authenticity and quality all backed up with 24 month warranty. What else? There’s also the best price guarantee, 100 day returns policy (full refund and exchanges within 100 days) and fast domestic and international delivery (with free shipping for some orders). All those factors (a great warranty on unrivaled selection in unbeatable prices plus exceptional quality service) can for sure make this leading retailer of luxury eyewear in over 21 countries  be your first choice in buying glasses online. It has never been more secure and safe before!

Promotions at SmartBuyGlasses

Just one more important thing to add: buying glasses with SmartBuyGlasses you can also fight poverty and help people in need as the company is involved in the program “buy one, give one”. We cannot see why not!

Shopping Guides and Promo Codes Quick Guide

When you purchase your new pair of eyeglasses with SmartBuyGlasses they provide you with details on every step of the process. There is no need to worry that buying your eyeglasses or prescription eyewear may be confusing or difficult. All what’s needed is to follow easy and comprehensible instructions on the website. There is also a very smart instruction on how to use SmartBuyGlasses promo codes from Picodi (copy code to clipboard, paste it into the promo code box at checkout and go to SmartBuyGlasses website). You can also get some other deals from Picodi: fast and free delivery, rewards on every order at SmartBuyGlasses or getting some money off of the next order there. The decision is yours to make, but either way you save your money.

Let’s go shopping!

Are you ready for the best part to come? As you know all the details, it is time you may actually, very conveniently, purchase your new luxury designer eyewear! You can shop by brands – 80 top designers from A to Z! You can also shop by personality (are you a fashionista? Working gal? Maybe a vintage soul? Check the look-book for every personality with celebrities pictures on it!) or by data-style (even if not sure yet, there is a “style finder” on the website to answer your questions!).

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Don’t forget to check the Virtual Try On and see how your new eyewear looks on you in the virtual fitting room! We are sure you will find some perfect match, just for you! Maybe after buying glasses the smart way you would like to check if there are any more coupons, promotions or online vouchers to be used? Of course, there are! Why not clothing accessories this time, we’ve heard there’s a great selection and some latest Stylebop online vouchers at Picodi. Be our guest!