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FoodPanda is a fast-growing global food deliver service. Now it operates in 40 countries on 5 continents and gets excessively popular with delicious cuisine lovers, who don’t have time to cook or just fancy something special to eat.

In Singapore, over 170 top restaurants have joined the FoodPanda network – just check if there are any in your neighbourhood and you’ll be truly amazed! The choice is so wide that almost every day you can discover lots of new dishes! Pizza, pasta and many different kinds of sushi are just a little portion of the whole yummy offer! There are around fourty different cuisines with a plentiful of traditional or exotic tastes! What about Mexican, Middle-Eastern or Portuguese food, and maybe some sugary cupcakes for a dessert? And if you're looking to save on your next FoodPanda order, be sure to check out the latest discount codes from Picodi! We offer special discounts, including free delivery, and minimum spend requirements for both new and existing customers. Simply apply the FoodPanda promo code at checkout to receive the discount. Stay updated on the latest and greatest FoodPanda promo codes from Picodi, which can be used at over 170 top restaurants in Foodpanda Singapore, and enjoy your favorite cuisine without worrying about the delivery fee. Don't miss out on exclusive FoodPanda voucher codes for even more savings!

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FoodPanda service has also launched a FoodPanda mobile app - that means you can place your order just from anywhere! They say, you’ll always have your FoodPanda in your pocket! No matter whether you’re busy at work, or maybe you’re just having a good time on holidays in Singapore - just grab your phone or tablet.

Take an on-line look at your neighbourhood – the best restaurants are just at your fingertips. A few taps are enough to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner ordered via FoodPanda! The app is quite versatile - there are as many as three versions for Android, iPhones or Windows Phone. And if you use it for any next time, your order history is always there. Isn’t it smart that the whole thing (re-order) takes only a few seconds? So, why wait? Try FoodPanda today and experience the convenience of food delivery right to your door. And don't forget to check out their latest Foodpandapromo codes and Foodpanda voucher codes before placing your order to take advantage of exclusive discounts, free delivery, and more. Take advantage of these amazing deals and enjoy your food at a discounted price with FoodPanda today!

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Additional special offers in Foodpanda

Many of you found our site because you’ve been searching for foodpanda vouchers around the Internet. Now, we are offering an exclusive deal for the new customers. As soon as you register at, you’re given a special coupon code and you pay 10$ less for your first order! The promo code, with its additional terms and conditions, is visible on our site above (just after a single click on the “reveal the code” banner). Below we present the most vital part of that you will see after tapping the “reveal” box.

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When you register at FoodPanda, you have two possibilities to do that – if you lack time and don’t like to check your mailbox for confirmation e-mails, there’s also a Facebook connect option!

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After a successful login, you’ll see the main page – just type your postal code to see all the nearby restaurants! What is more, FoodPanda presents some credible ratings and customers’ reviews, so you can be sure about the quality of both food and service! Now, you can pick the treats you have taste for! There are several ways to choose from - you can search for a keyword (e.g. a name of your favourite dish), tick a type of a cuisine from the menu on the left or pick a beloved restaurant! In case of selecting a restaurant, please make sure they accept foodpanda coupon codes (tick “Accept Vouchers” option in “Filter Restaurants” menu on the left side of the screen). The voucher code for new customers is valid only in case you pay on-line, so please remember to pick the online payment option. If you’re starving for additional special offers, try to follow this link: – you’ll be given a full list of special deals in particular restaurants!

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While completing your order, just make sure you’ve slightly exceeded the minimum amount for free delivery worth. If the restaurant isn’t open yet, or you want the food to be delivered at some moment (e.g. in the evening or tomorrow), choose the “preorder” option. Now is the time for typing your FoodPanda promo code – the voucher box is at the bottom-left side of the screen.

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Done? Ready-steady? Now go to the checkout! The connection is secured – don’t have any slightest fear about entering your credit card or address data. You can also transfer the payment via PayPal - just choose the option you prefer.

Just one more time:

  • Visit for search of FoodPanda vouchers.
  • Go to FoodPanda, set up a new account, log in and pick your favourite food.
  • Choose the delivery options and redeem the coupon code Foodpanda.
  • Then proceed to the checkout and pay less for the best food ever.
  • It’s hightime you relaxed - just sit back and wait pleasurably for the appointed delivery!

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