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Did you know that coffee has got plenty of health benefits? It helps to achieve your weight loss goals and fight free radicals that appear in your body. But there is something else. The unbelievable flavor, bitter, yet sweet. Tangy, yet smooth. If you want to see all shades of coffee in all its glory, choose Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for your next meeting with friends. You will soon find out why.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

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Coffee Bean is the perfect spot for any sort of meeting you are going to have. It is also very different from all the other coffee shops out there. One of the things that make it stand out is the fact that you can buy your beverages online. Yes, just like you order your favourite coffee over the phone or the internet, and make it at home. Your party packs include cakes, biscuits, tea leaves and more to make your venue special and unforgettable.

Online offer

The Beverage Menu includes classics like lattes, espressos and Americano coffees, but that’s not all. You can also find the original ice blended drinks which made the company famous all over the country. Indulge in delicious Classic Mocha, Vanilla and Black Forest that will bring you all the best from the bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of available toppings. Not really a fan of coffee? That’s ok, because there is a large selection of teas that you can order for yourself and others as well.

If you’re looking for something absolutely special, something that has never been seen anywhere else, you simply must try the Nitro Cold Brew. A unique combo of premium Bali Blue Moon and Ethiopia Yirgaheffe will make your taste buds explode with pleasure. So if you’re having some friends from abroad, or you want to impress a special someone or need to make a deal of a lifetime, there is no better place to do so.

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Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves takes great pride in everything they do. For this reason, they ensure they care for their customers every single day and provide them with the best product and service. You can check out their promotions which will enable you to enjoy their signature beverages for less. They are updated regularly so if you haven’t found anything for yourself today, you might as well find it tomorrow.

We all like to be rewarded for spending money at a specific place. For this reason, CB&TL give you a very generous membership card, which enables you to accumulate beans each time you purchase something. All you need to do is register it and you will start collecting your points. When you want to redeem them, simply log in and follow the instructions on the website.

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Coffee Bean promo codes

You no longer need to pay regular price for everything you buy at the Coffee Bean. With Picodi codes, you can save tons of cash and drink tons of your favourite beverages. Take advantage and:

  • Check out all the deals which are available just now. They might expire soon so pay attention to the date on each of them.
  • Click on one. You might receive a promo code that needs to be copied. You can also be redirected to their website to see the full menu. In such case, you just need to thoroughly check the menu and decide which item is best for you.
  • Order your drinks online or go to the shop yourself. In the first case, just pick and choose from available items and add them to your basket.
  • If you have a discount code and want to use it, just click on your bag and see the order. Enter your code into the right space and apply it. Your price will be adjusted immediately.
  • Continue to pay with your card.
  • If you weren’t going to purchase anything online, you can just go to your nearest shop and order the things you’re interested in. Remember to use a convenient store locator on the website.
  • Enjoy your coffees, teas and cakes. They truly are ones to remember.

Te original Coffee Bean and Ta Leaf

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