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There are no Chinese New Year 2024 discounts now.

There are no Chinese New Year 2024 discounts now.

But they will come back by 10.02.2025. So visit Picodi again!

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Spring Festival is about to happen!

Lanterns, dragon dances, firecrackers and… great shopping deals!

Even though our fast-paced world is often forcing us to shorten our holidays time, Chinese New Year is still undoubtedly one of the most significant celebration festivals in Asia. The number of myths and traditions connected with The New Year Festival is astounding - from traditional domestic house cleaning and reunion dinners to legendary colorful dragons and lions parades with firecrackers exploding right next to amazing chunlians hung on door frames.

According to Chinese mythology the very beginning of the Chinese New Year is associated with the beast called the Nian which used to eat villagers, especially children. However, the villagers managed to hid from the beast with the help of a mysterious old wise man. As strange as it sounded to the villagers, the Old Man whom they met in the hideout put red papers up and set off firecrackers, eventually deciding to take revenge on the Nian who had destroyed villagers’ settlements. Next morning, with their hopes lost, the villagers wandered back to their village and discovered that surprisingly this time nothing was destroyed. It was that special moment when people realised, that the beast was afraid of the red color and loud noises of firecrackers. Since then, when the New Year is about to come, people fire the firecrackers and choose red color - hang red lanterns, spring scrolls and ornaments on windows and doors. And it’s working!

But Chinese New Year is not only about beautiful tradition. In recent years it has become more and more popular for shops to tempt their customers with great bargains and huge markdowns. Online retailers are putting up special New Year’s sales and are using the opportunity of end-of-season sales to lower the prices even more. During the time of celebration be especially aware of promo codes, discount coupons and vouchers that might help you save loads of money. Deals reaching up to 90% discount are not uncommon so better have your eyes open not only on street parades!

That’s why we are here for you. Join Picodi and celebrate Chinese New Year assured that we have all the festive promotions in one place. First of all, we will help you find the best deals to a great number of online shops in Singapore. It’s much easier to find what you’ve been looking for if you have all the best deals gathered in one place. You’re saving money, time and energy because you don’t have to browse the entire Web or walk down the long aisles in order to find the desired discounted product. Go on, join the parades, have dinner with your family and friends! Just remember to leave this page up and running in the background so we can notify you instantly about the hottest offer. Subscribe for our newsletter and push notifications, we’ll be there with top-notch markdowns. If you want to buy a certain number of products or clothing items, we can help you find whatever you’re looking for. Simply enter the name of your favourite brand or product in our site’s browser and click the search button. Enjoy the list of discounted products and start shopping! Simple as a Chinese proverb!

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