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Safety at all times

We hardly ever think about our safety until something happens. We then wish we had thought of it earlier but it’s too late. Often, costs of our unintentional savings are so big that we cannot really comprehend them. But there is a solution to it and before you get in trouble, it would be best to get proper insurance for you and your family. Where? FWD will help you with that.

Insurance experts

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FWD Group is a private insurance company that provides you with insurance plans for any family situation. Whether you only want one product or a few and combine them, the company will give you the exactly right one. So that you can keep your peace of mind at all times.

Insurance products

Personal accident insurance is very important in Singapore because medical care is partly private. For this reason, you need to make sure that if anything happens to you or your family members, you will receive the right care at all times. Personal accidents insurance will cover emergency evacuation, medical expenses, cancellations due to haze and transport allowance. You cannot possibly find a better quote of the above services and you will not be better off any other way.

Your health is the most important thing. We don’t think about expenses we will have incur in case we fall sick with a serious disease, but things happen in life and we should be prepared. You might think that saving money for such a case is an impossible mission, but having the right insurance plan is a much easier thing to do. Health plans are flexible, renewable and can be purchased online – there is no need to visit the outlet personally. It gives you peace of mind and savings you need in the current economy.

Health insurance

If you haven’t ever had your car stolen of permanently damaged, you can’t possibly know what sort of issues it comes with. You deserve a proper insurance plan for your car because it is a very important part of your daily life. You use it to get to work, to travel, to transport your children or even deliver goods to your clients. FWD can give you a plan that has got the best warranty and family protection in Singapore, can be customized to fit your needs and, more importantly, is affordable.

When you travel abroad, you might encounter a situation when your flight is delayed or cancelled, your accommodation is gravely different from the one you intended to purchase and the overall conditions are not to your liking. What then? Travel insurance purchased at FWD will ensure you still get the time of your life and you don’t need to lose any money. The staff understands that your holiday time is precious so they can easily adapt to your situation.

Maid insurance

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford a maid, you might sometimes be worried what is going on in your property while you’re away. If you want to hire one or renew the contract of an existing one FD gives you an option to purchase insurance that will cover all the necessary expenses. You and your property will be safe and your maid will be able to earn her money.

FWD coupon codes

Now that you know how important insurance plans are, you can proceed to purchase one for yourself. You not only don’t have to spend too much money on it but you can also get further savings. How?

  • Check what deals have FWD and Picodi prepared for you. Check if there is an expiration date and what are the specific terms and conditions (for example special offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Click on one of the deals and see if a coupon code pops up.
  • If there isn’t any, you can proceed to FWD’s website to look for the product you’re interested in. Remember that you can combine some of them and if you want to know if it brings you any savings, you can contact the staff for advice.
  • Get a quote on a specific insurance product and if you like what you see, follow the company’s instructions. Add your coupon code if you have one.
  • Confirm by adding your details and choosing the payment option. Done!

Insurance vouchers

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