Circles.Life Promo Code: 20GB for $28 + $120 Cashback with Number Transfer

Try out the Circles.Life services with 20GB of data for only $28 and if you transfer your number, you can get even $120 cashback!


Circles.Life Promo Code: S$20 Off Registration Fee

If you want to save S$20 on your registration fee at Cricles.Life simply provide the promo code below at checkout. Use your savings on something more pleasurable.

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$20 OFF on Registration Fee

Register at Circles.Life and get $20 discount on a registration fee, thanks to this promo code!

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Circles.Life Promo: Phones From $110

For as little as $110 you can upgrade to a new phone. How? With Circles.Life. What's more, you can purchase an amazing mobile plan and maximise your savings. That's a deal at a steal!


20 GB for $20 at 4G+ Speed

Become a Circles.Life customer and enjoy getting 20 GB of data (available at 4G+ Speed) for as little as $20!

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Roaming Rates Starting From $10/ 100 MB

Planning to go abroad? Do not miss a chance of getting in touch with your friends and family. Purchase the most convenient roaming plan at Circles.Life and enjoy prices starting from $10 for 100 MB. If you go through 50 MB out of 100 MB, you will only be charged $5 (instead of $10).

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Up To 6GB, 100 Min, Unlimited WhatsApp & No Contract For $28 / Month

Get up to 6GB data, 100 minutes, unlimited WhatsApp* and all of that with no contract mobile plan at $28 per month at Circles.Life!

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Keep up with Circles Life vouchers, coupons, promotions and sales if you create an account.

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Circles.Life coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Archive offer Circles.Life Promo Code: 20GB For $28 + Cashback

Transfer your number to get $120 cashback and $20GB for as little as $28 a month. Use the code below to enjoy the deal. Valid for the first 2,000 redemptions only.
  • expired: 2019-01-06

Archive offer Circles.Life Promo Code: 12GB For $28

Do you know how you can start 2019? With this Circles.Life promo code thanks to which you will get 12GB for $28 per month.
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Archive offer Circles.Life Promo Code: $20 Off Registration Fees

Use the promo code below at checkout to get $20 off your registration fees at Circles.Life.
  • expired: 2019-01-04

Archive offer Circles.Life Promo: $28 Base Plan with 12GB Data

Instead of just 6GB data with your $28 base plan, get 12GB, 100 min talktime, Free Caller ID, unlimited WhatsApp and pay-as-you-go SMS. Get it now!
  • expired: 2018-12-31

Archive offer Circles.Life Promo: $48 Base Plan With 32GB Data

Enjoy Circles.Life base plan with additional 6GB of data (32 instead of 26), 100 minute of talktime, free caller ID, unlimited WhatsApp and pay as you go SMS for as little as $48.
  • expired: 2018-12-31

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More about Circles.Life:

A no-contract plan

What are you looking for when you’re in a search for a new telco provider? Are you always on the lookout for a new phone or do you want a plan all by itself? Or perhaps you want to combine the two and get the best of two worlds? With Circles.Life it's easy because they provide you with everything you want and more. Visit the website and see what it can give you and you won’t believe how much more convenient your life becomes!

Circles.life front page

Picodi is all about the digital revolution as the platform that is available online only. With such approach, it reaches users across the world and gives them exactly what they need – fantastic saving opportunities every day.


People want different things because they use their phones for different things. Some use it just for talking and for communicating with others, while other people use it for data download and upload. There is also a group of people who believe that with modern phones you can take fantastic photos and this is why they need a plan – to get a phone with amazing camera for less!

Get exactly what you need

Circles.life understands that what most people need nowadays is a little bit of freedom. So if you're stuck on a contract with no future and you don’t know what to do about it, visit the website and see what other options you have somewhere else. See how flexible your plan can be and how much you can adjust it to your needs. Try it out today!

Circles.life offers you a base plan in which you can get up to 6GB of data, 100 minutes of talk time and free incoming text messages where you pay only 0.05 per SMS sent. It’s a very affordable offer which can be upgraded with plus options of your choice. If you need to communicate frequently and text messages would ruin your budget, you can get unlimited WhatsApp. It’s the best way to communicate with your friends all over the world without the need to call them. You can also get a caller number display so that you always know who calls you. There is also an unlimited plan change and 4G speed maximum.

Get the newest phone

Is there anything else that you can get? Absolutely yes! There is that 20GB for only $20 a month and unlimited incoming calls for just $2.00. However, you may opt to go for a plan with a phone. You will find the newest releases from top phone manufacturers and you will be able to match them with the most comprehensive program. This way you can save up to 500 dollars when you decide to switch to Circles.life and get a phone at the same time.

Why else should you choose Circles.life instead of any other company? It’s an entirely no-contract telco company that gives power back to you. You decide you want to stay there and, in fact, most customers have already agreed to do it. Circles.life is happy to have more happy customers than any other company. You never run out of data and you’re entirely in control.

Roaming services

Circles.life promotions

Now that you know what Circles.life is and you want to try it out, read the below guide to see how easy and how affordable it can be. Take each step towards the better future and never lose control ever again!

  • Subscribe to Picodi and see how many great promotions are delivered to your mailbox daily!
  • Come to Picodi to see the deals in more detail. Click on the one you find the most attractive and if there is a promo code, copy it. Go to Circles.life and see each plan. Choose one according to your needs.
  • Register your account and start the process. Choose your plan with or without the phone and follow the instructions on the website. When asked, enter your promotional code and apply it.
  • Enter all of your details and remember to read all terms and conditions before confirming. Make sure you understand everything and that you added all the extras you wanted the most.


Why should you choose Circles.life?

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