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Chinese New Year Promo: FREE $30 Ang Bao


February Sale: Even $200 Off On Laptops & Desktops + Freebies

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10% Off on Printers, PCs, Tablets & Monitors

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Save 12% off on all products at HP thanks to this special HP promo code, which needs to be applied at checkout.
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Use this special coupon code to save 12% off on all printers at HP Singapore!
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Save 12% off on HP computers, thanks to this special voucher code - apply the code at checkout.
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Get 20% off on accessories and ink at HP Singapore - to activate the discount, use this special voucher code upon checkout.
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Use this HP promo code to save 10% off on all products across store!
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More about HP:

Technology to your advantage

Modern technology allows us to do and see almost everything. With computers thinner than stationary monitors and tablets so small you can carry them in your pocket, nothing is impossible. Hewlett Packard has always been known for exquisite design combined with amazing quality. It is one of those brands, quality of which needn’t to be questioned.


But electronics can get quite pricey so how do you shop for home and mobile equipment and not pay the full price? You do it with Picodi. It’s an online market where all shopping outlets let you know they have a deal for you. Whether it’s a discount on a new office equipment or a deal on desktop computer from HP, there’s something for everyone, every day of every month. Visit frequently to be up to date with current promotions.


HP Singapore store has everything a person might need when it comes to electronics. If it’s a laptop you’re seeking for your studies or mobile work, they’ve got it. If it’s a powerful desktop computer for the office, they’ve got it. If it’s something as small as a mouse or batteries – yes, you’ve guessed it. They’ve got it.

HP offers wide range of business products

Let’s say you want to buy a tablet for yourself. You’ve got several search options – you can browse through the entire catalogue or use filters on the website. Categorise them according to size or the year of production – you’re sure to find what you need. You can also choose according to operating system, to make it compatible with your other mobile devices and laptop.

Desktop computers are still very popular, especially with people who do artistic jobs, like graphic design or architecture. For this reason, it’s worth to invest your funds in the right desktop monitor which will ensure proper resolution and power. But you don’t need to use it just for work, because more and more people use them for watching films. Vibrant colours allow you to experience movies the way they were supposed to be experienced.

HP tablets, printers, ink

If you run your own business, you probably already know this but take the following as a quick reminder that you can’t afford to buy malfunctioning office equipment. HP has proven to be effective, durable and multi-functioning. Why purchase a printer that only prints out documents when your corporate needs are so much bigger? Get the best in the market with a machine that prints, scans, faxes and copies. This is the smart, money and space saving solution for every businessman.

Why online?

So you might wonder why buy online when you can simply go to the store yourself and see the equipment from a close-up? One reason is that Singapore online store offers free delivery across the island. When you’re buying a keyboard, it may not be as important and perhaps it doesn’t make that big of a difference, but with fax machines, printers and anything too big to collect it with your car, it’s an extremely handy service.

From the moment you make the payment to the minute it arrives at your door, you can keep track of your order and its whereabouts. You’ll get Web order number upon making your purchase so you don’t need to worry it might get lost along the way.

Why shop at the HP store

You have several payment options to choose from. For your convenience, you can pay with your debit or credit card or with a cheque. If you can’t afford to pay everything at once or you want to pay instalments for tax purposes, there is not deposit required and it’s truly interest free. Once set up, you don’t need to do anything because the right amount will automatically be deducted from your bank account. Simple!

How to use Picodi for HP purchases?

Shop HP laptop at great price

This is super easy, here’s what you do:

  1. Look up what promotions are available at this moment. Remember that some of them might be on a limited run, so check the expiry date.

  2. Click on the deal or copy a voucher code for later use. Go to store’s website to browse through the catalogue.

  3. Do as you would with any other online shopping outlet. At the end, click on shopping basket icon to view your order.

  4. You can now delete any items you have change your mind towards. You can also continue shopping if you remember that you’ve forgotten something.

  5. If you’ve found HP discount codes on Picodi, enter them into the correct box to get your discount. See the magic happening in front of you.

  6. Sit tight and wait for your equipment to come to you.

Now that you’re set with your high quality HP stock, check out other deals that might interest you, for example home equipment from Courts.