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In an ideal world, life would be just the way you wanted it to be. You would be able to do what you wished, eat what you craved and meet whomever you wanted. In the real world, nothing comes to you just like that, and you need to take the first step to make things happen. With Adventoro it’s easier than ever – you can go on an adventure of your life and see what it’s all about. Just browse, click and book and you will never go back.

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What kind of adventurer are you? Just because you don’t like rock climbing or parachute gliding doesn’t mean there is no adventure-seeking spirit in you! Adventoro caters to all kinds of customers who would love to try different things – regardless of their age, taste in travel or other personal preferences. See what’s available and decide for yourself!

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When you first visit Adventoro, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of possibilities laid in front of you. There are just so many of them! How could you possibly choose only one? Relax, there are ways to find out what you really want and then to book it. You can, for example, check out the adventures featured on the front page. Best Sellers are trips which are most often sold so treat them as recommendations in themselves. From Paradise Island adventure to Cruise and Dining Experience, step out of your comfort zone for once and try something new.

You can also go by the categories in which activities in Malaysia have been placed. Choose from gastronomy & nightlife, island, river & watersports, wildlife & jungle tours, caving & hiking, sightseeing & attractions and finally cultural & traditional. As you can see, if the adrenalin rush is not your favorite thing in the world, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

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Still not sure what to do with your free time? You can check out the top destinations which boast spectacular views. Kuala Lumpur will tempt you with its nightlife and fantastic architecture, combining the traditional with the modern, while Sabah will astonish you with the untouched nature all around you.

Life is not defined by the money you have or by your bank account but rather by people you’re surrounded with and how you spend time with them. Make it about quality rather than quantity and create unforgettable experiences with memories that will last a lifetime. What iff you’re in need of inspiration with regards to your next destination and activity? Perhaps you could use some description that would help you make the decision? Try reading Adventoro’s blog about islands, national parks, endangered species of animals and more. You can treat it as a directory to your next trip.

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The economy may be tough, and not everyone is born a millionaire but it certainly doesn’t mean we cannot have fun in our lives and we can’t chase our dreams. With coupon codes and promotions, if you know where to look for them, you can have the cake and eat it too. Here’s how:

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  • Once you see a promotion you would like to try, check when it expires and what are the terms and conditions. Click on it to reveal the promotional code. You will then be redirected to Adventoro’s website to book your trip.
  • When you’re on the website, you can browse the featured deals or use the search tool. Follow the instructions on the screen, and when the trip is booked, you will receive instant confirmation.
  • Go and have as much fun as possible.


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