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If flying the only way to travel? Are you forced to hop on a plane every single time you want to explore your own country or to go abroad? If you are, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get out to and from the airport and visit the most stunning places. With this in mind, plan your journey with Klia Express, your railway travel provider.

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Picodi loves to explore new lands and encourages its users to do the same. When you get the chance, subscribe to the newsletter and see how much money you can save on a daily basis. It’s free, intuitively-designed and it doesn’t require of you any exceptional computer skills. It’s perfect for everyone!

Klia Express

Klia Express’ website enables you to plan and book your journey with just a few clicks. No more going to the station and standing in long queues. You can have the best of two worlds and enjoy your time at home or work. How does it work?

You can read all about Klia Express and its features. For example, did you know that you can use 4G WiFi on board of a train? Now you can do your work, homework or watch a movie while you’re travelling. The fleet is ultra-modern which ensures comfortable and safe journey wherever you decide to go. Finally, since time is money, you’ll be glad to hear that over 99% of all arrivals are on time.

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Excellent service!

If you are looking for a bit more personalised service, you can join the VIP club. What does it bring to the table? You will be met and greeted at the baggage reclaim, and you will have your dedicated porter. All of your needs will be met so that you can travel in peace. When you arrive at your destination, you will have a chauffeur waiting for you to drive you to your destination. Klia Express VIP Service is waiting for you to join.

Do you like to save money while you’re booking your tickets? Click on Deals to see what’s available and how much cash you can keep for yourself. You can, for example, take your entire family on a journey and save up to RM120 one way. With little ones in the family, every little helps so don’t delay and book your family vacation with Klia Express. Other than that? If you’re travelling as part of a larger group of people, you can take advantage of the comprehensive offer of savings as well. However, don’t restrict yourself. If you don’t see anything you wish to use right now, you can visit another time.

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It might be interesting to know that you can purchase Klia Express’ tickets on some of the most popular airlines’ website. This way you can book your flight as well as your transfer to and from the airport. Use this service if you don’t want to or you can’t spend too much time on browsing the internet. What else is there? Download Klia’s app on your phone to gain access to all of its features and use them when you’re out and about. For example, when you learn you need to travel for work quickly but you don’t have your computer with you. Or when you and your friend decide to go on a weekend get-away spontaneously.

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Klia Express promotions

Picodi can be very useful in your journey towards better and cheaper tomorrow. Wherever you decide to go, use the platform to browse comprehensive offers for the train journey. Simply:

  • Subscribe to Picodi and when you see an email about Klia’s new promotion, visit the platform.
  • Take a close look at deals available and choose the best one for you. Click on it and if there is a coupon code, save it for later. In another case, you will be transferred to Klia Express’ website.
  • Start booking your journey. Click on Plan & Buy and follow the instructions on the screen. When you’re asked to add your coupon code, do it. Enter your details and make the payment. You can now plan your journey in more detail.


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KLIA Ekspres, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!

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