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About Grab Malaysia

It all started in 2012 when a few friends got together and started contemplating about how hard it was becoming in Malaysia to hire a taxi. They did not leave it at that by simply contemplating about it; they went on to do something that was highly different. They solved the problem and started a company called `My Teksi’ which later became `Grab’. Today, Grab has made its presence as a taxi hire company in six countries in the Southeast Asian region.

How has Grab become a safe transportation platform?

Grab has turned into a secure transportation platform as a result of various factors

  • Every cab driver and every taxi is thoroughly screened on registration and the driver has to maintain star ratings above a minimum level of competence.
  • Code of conduct is maintained through rigorous training and the training system is continually improved to make sure that a high level of service is being maintained.Grab considers transportation as a right and not as a privilege

The management of Grab feels that every person must have access to public transportation. It has worked hard to bring about a platform which caters to every need of people, regardless of their age or income level. People can opt for cars, taxis or bikes. All rides are priced fairly. There is a ride to suit everyone’s budget. Vehicles are meant for everyone who wants to go anywhere anytime, whether it is going for work in the mornings or heading home after a party night.

Special Services offered by Grab

Grab’s services are broken down into `MyTeksi’, `GrabCar’ and `GrabHitch’.

Grab works hard to ensure that people enjoy safety, certainty and speed with every service ride it offers.

As far as speed of hiring is concerned, MyTeksi offers a system that assigns the taxi closest to the person hiring so that it reduces the waiting time. My Teksi offers sleek features that have been designed to ensure the safety of passengers. There is certainty involved as people would always know their estimated fares upfront and this happens even before they commit themselves to a booking.

GrabCar offers fixed fares, quality drivers and coverage of insurance with each ride

GrabHitch offers affordable options for daily commuting. People can expand their social network while sharing these rides. Share a cab helps in reducing pollution and congestion on the roads.

Grab Promo Codes and Vouchers

You can get a ride around town without hassles with Grab discounts and promotions. People would like to select a smarter way to travel around the city with attractive Grab discounts and promos.

  • They can get RM 6 off six rides when they book with MayBank cards.
  • They can enjoy RM 5 off two rides during the Ramadan season.
  • GrabPay users will get RM 5 off five rides.

All these promo codes are accessible at Picodi, of course!

Grab, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!

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