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Zavvi is an online retailer in the UK and Ireland specializing in delivering entertainment. Zavvi operated originally as Virgin Megastores, established in 1971 on London's Oxford Street by Richard Branson - this period in the company's history is known as the Virgin era. In 2007 the UK branch of the Virgin Megastores left the Virgin Group. Nowadays Zavvi is considered the third favourite video and music retailer in the UK, right behind and Thanks to the wide product range and affordable prices, Zavvi is one of the leaders in its sector. At their online store customers can browse through a wide range of items. Zavvi online shops features such categories as:

  • Games
  • Blu-ray
  • DVD
  • Clothing Sports
  • Technology toys
  • Gifts
  • Offers

Moreover,  frequent voucher codes and promotional events make Zavvi one of the best online destinations for the UK's savvy shoppers. In the Zavvi outlet all year round you can save even up to 80% off on a wide variety of Zavvi products.

How to use Zavvi discount codes

If you look for a way to save your time and your money – our website offers a perfect solution for you. It entitles its client to price reduction on the basis of numerous voucher codes, given exclusively to our customers. Not only does offer numerous discount codes, but it keeps track of all the sales and bargains that may appear at Zavvi. In order to make use of the discount codes follow the instruction.

zavvi logo

Step 1: Search for Zavvi on Picodi

Browse for Zavvi on and enter it. Numerous bargain and sale offers will appear on your screen. Read the description of each of them in order to learn their rules and conditions. There are dates at the right side of each promotion, saying when the promotions are valid.

Note that only the promotions with green buttons are active and available for our customers. Our website allows you to see what kind of promotions are available at which time.

You will see that there are two types of green buttons that you can use:

Reveal the Code button

This button means that the Zavvi voucher code is needed for a discount price to be available. The code will be given to you you will enter the online store via our website.

Get the Deal button

This button means that there is no voucher code needed. The sale is available to all customers.

You should carefully decide on which of the promotions available you are interested in and enter it.

Step 2: Visiting Zavvi's website with your promotional code or deal

Zavvi online store

You will be redirected to the website of Zavvi. Take notice of the yellow window border that is displayed at the top of the screen – it should really be helpful to you. There are two ways in which it might be of help. It either provides you with the information that you have reached a general discount area – and as a result, you are entitled to the promotion without the requirement for a discount code.

Or.. it might provide you with a special sequence of characters – your voucher code. Fortunately you don’t have to remember it, nor would you have to write it down, as the window border will be displayed for the time of your online shopping. You will need the discount code later on.

Step 3: Shopping at Zavvi

Look for the items that will suit the rules of promotion that you have chosen. You can add many items to your bag. Even if you are unsure of your choice, you will be able to remove them later. Note that before adding one purchase to your cart you have to select its size and quantity. When you have already filled your cart with all the purchases that you want to posses, click your cart icon.

You will reach the online checkout with all your products enlisted. Ensure once again, that you want to buy them all and that you have selected the right size and quantity.

Zavvi purchase

Zavvi discount codes box

On the right side of the border you see the total price. If this is a general discount, the discount price will already be added. However, if you are employing the sale with our voucher codes it is the right time to use it.

Search for the special space provided for typing the code. It should be found at the checkout, but remember, that sometimes it may be provided at the later stage of transaction.

Step 4: Registration

Continue with the transaction. You will be asked to register or to skip the registration by providing only your e-mail address. Please, provide all the required delivery data. It is very important that they are correct in order for the delivery to reach the right place. So ensure you provided the correct data, before you move on. Then you will be asked to give some of the data regarding the method of payment. Please, fill all the gaps marked as required.

Step 5: Confirmation

Confirm the transaction and wait for your purchase. It will be delivered at your doors. Be patient. The time of delivery depends on your home area and the delivery preferences that you have chosen before. In the meantime you may look for other promotions on!

In short:

  • Find Zavvi at our website and choose the most interesting promotion for you
  • Find the product and select its qualities
  • Type the Zavvi discount code in the space specially provided for it (only if needed) and provide all the required data
  • Confirm the transaction

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