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Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the world and the grocery market leader in the UK. In the online shop you can purchase many products of everyday use more easily without leaving your home. Tesco operates in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and North America. The strategy for UK and Ireland market is to provide a mutli-format approach to customers in their everyday shopping. Offering general merchandise, clothing and electricals makes Tesco stores a source of all the components necessary in a busy life of an average family. Tesco entered Ireland in 1997 and is committed to supporting good causes across the country ever since. Since 2001 they’ve raised more than €8.3m for its Charity of the Year.

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How to use Tesco voucher codes?

On our website you can learn about the latest offers and by using voucher codes you can get discount on many goods. Below you will find a helpful instruction how to purchase in the online shop and what is even more important how to use voucher code in order to lower prices of products. At the bottom you can follow the “Take a shortcut” option which briefly summarizes this detailed guide.

Step 1: Search for Tesco at Picodi

Firstly, you need to find the store. Enter the name "Tesco" on homepage in the searching area.

Step 2: Two types of Tesco discounts

You will be redirected to the page where all promotions are listed. There are expired ones which are highlighted with grey buttons. You should bring you attention to offers with red buttons as these are still active. Among them you can recognize two kinds:

Reveal the Code button

This button signifies that there is a voucher code required to receive discount.

Get the Deal button

This button signifies notification about a common promotion on many items. In this case you do not need a code, and without any hesitation you can start shopping.

Step 3: Visiting the shop with your Tesco voucher code or promo

You should select the offer most attractive to you. Afterwards you are redirected to the website of TESCO. If the offer is labelled with the “Hidden Code” button there is a code in the frame above. It will be essential in the later process of shopping and you will need to enter it in the shopping basket to get discount. Although, if the offer is labelled with the “Click for discount” button, there is no code but the prices of items have already been reduced as the promotion is general.

Note: If a problem in seeing the website of the store arises you should uninstall the AdBlock plug.

Step 4: Before you purchase at Tesco

In order to purchase products in Tesco groceries you need to register. If you are a registered customer, sign in to your account by filling email address and your personal password. If you are first time shopper you need to initially register and next sign in. The second step is choosing a delivery slot. In order to do it you need to click on “Book a slot” button and pick the one most appropriate to you.

Step 5: Shopping at Tesco

Now you can start the most pleasurable part of shopping – searching for the products you want to buy. Add products to the shopping basket. You can browse for the products according to the categories, or you can use the search frame, where you enter product name. Moreover, there is a useful ‘Multisearch’ tool, where you can type search items in a form of a list and click on the “Go” button.

Tesco product list

Step 6: Entering your Tesco voucher code

Once you have put all the necessary items go to the shopping basket and review your order. If you have been provided with the voucher code, find the place in the shopping basket to enter it, redeem the code and get discount.

Step 7: The checkout process

Now you need to proceed with checkout process. Choose method of payment and fill all the required information. There are many advantages of buying products at Tesco online shop. First of all, it is extremely convenient as you can find all products in one place. Secondly, the offers are grouped together so they are easier to find. Furthermore, you can do the shopping 7 days a week any time of day. What is very useful, you can look at the products you purchase most often as this information is saved under the section ‘Favourites’.

Tesco delivery


  • On the main page of in the searching area enter the name of the shop – TESCO.
  • Sign in to your account or create an account by registering and then sign in.
  • Book most adequate slot.
  • Choose products and add them to the shopping basket.
  • If it has been provided enter the voucher code in the basket.
  • Choose payment method, fill all essential information, pay and wait for the products to be delivered at your home.

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Watch the Tesco Christmas advert and feel the Christmas spirit with TESCO!


Every year Tesco prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.

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