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Food for less, food even better.

Food is something we all need. Regardless of our financial status, food needs to be placed on the table every day. It doesn’t, however, mean you should buy whatever and wherever because this way, by buying poor quality, you’re just throwing your money away. A much better way to save and to have is finding a place where great prices and fantastic rates meet half way to provide you with exceptional shopping experience. Aldi is that place.

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Why should you settle for good if better is available? With Picodi you know exactly what you’re paying for and it’s completely free! Website is available every day of the year and you don’t even need to subscribe if you don’t want to. When you do, though, all the promotions and deals will come to your mailbox, not the other way around.


When you first step into the Aldi store, you can’t believe such low prices are possible. Fresh fruit and vegetables are bursting with flavour and zesty fragrance so you know they are in their best condition. Seasonal produce is what makes cooking a pleasant experience and a great opportunity to explore world’s and domestic cuisine. For an absolute best value available in all British grocery stores, check out Aldi’s Super 6 range. Every week there’s something different to choose from for just 59p a pack!

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Every new mum knows best what’s good for their child. And as much as you’re trying, you can’t avoid certain things, like using nappies. It doesn’t take a mathematician to count how much money you will spend on diapers so every little saving helps. Mamia is the store’s own brand of hygiene products for babies and toddlers and mums all over the country unanimously claim they are every bit as good, or even better, than other well-known brands. It’s a true value for money.

As with any other much-loved stores, there are some Specialbuys worth taking advantage of. These include anything from camping equipment in spring, barbeque accessories in the summer, raincoats for autumn and warm and cosy winter jackets for the entire family. Where else would you buy a fantastic and ultra-sensitive carbon monoxide alarm for under £12? And if you need to do some garden cleaning when all the leaves fall of the trees, why not get a mobile electric blower that will do all the work for you?

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Certain items, like Specialbuys can be bought online with free standard delivery to the store. When collecting, it gives you an opportunity to do all the other shopping at the same time, which in turn will save you plenty of time and drive. For your convenience, Aldi created a service which allows you to get your items next day, your chosen day or on Saturday. If you’re in a hurry, if some unexpected plans occur or simply, if you’re without a gift and someone else’s birthday comes up, any of the above will only cost you £4. Bargain!

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Why Picodi

We all know why Aldi is such a cheap place to shop in. Why should you use Picodi then? Because with Aldi vouchers, it gives you even more savings so you never have to decide whether you should get one more item or not. Now, you can have everything you want. Simply:

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  1. See which promotions are available right now. Pay attention to the expiry date.

  2. Pick one you think is the most comprehensive for you. Click on it.

  3. If there is a voucher code to use, copy it and use later. You might also find offers to use in store. In such a case, keep it on your phone.

  4. When you’re on the store’s website, start shopping.

  5. To purchase an item, just click on it and add it to bag and choose your delivery option. It will automatically count how much money you need to pay.

  6. When you have everything you need, just go to secure checkout. Pay with your card and enter your personal details.

You may not see it now but if you count how much money stays in your pocket in a year, it makes Aldi seem even more affordable. Check out other stores like Zara or Screwfix.

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