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Things break. In the house, in the car, or at work – things don’t always work the way they are supposed to. Why’s that, no one knows, but you know one thing – it’s sometimes better to fix them rather than just throw them away. Sure, nobody wants to be a hoarder, who keeps all types of old things in the house, not having any use of them. Honestly, however, most of the time, repairing a broken device is much cheaper than getting a new one. One catch – you need proper tools that ensure safety and quality. Screwfix is the place you’re looking for when you need some of that.

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Screwing and fixing

The store is part of a well-known British home-improvement group Kingfisher Plc, which sells all types of tools and materials for do-it-yourself work. Its business model and excellent customer service allows them to provide corporate and private clients with products of best quality and prices lower than ever. Anyone who’s in need of the proper equipment for repairing and building, can find it at Screwfix.

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If you’re a tradesman and work as a joiner, plumber, and electrician or in any other related field, you know that prices are incredibly important but not if you need to compromise on quality. To be safe at all times and provide your customer with your service, choose the store that offers you the most comprehensive and most generous trade credit account. With your business, things can go differently every month so there are no annual fees to join and you don’t have fixed trading limits. You are provided with VAT-itemised invoices so you can easily and flexibly manage your own account. Many things can be done online for your convenience.

Screwfix sells all types of units, tools and to cater to your own home needs. When you’re looking to replace a shower cabin because your old one is just beyond hope, get your new one at the place where not only you will pay a lower price, but also you will receive an expert advice from a fully-trained customer advisor. If you like doing work around the house or garage, remember to always stay safe and wear proper outfit. It will save you from scalding, cutting or harming yourself in any other way. Working on a construction site? A helmet will prevent you from incurring a head injury, which could potentially be fatal.

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Don’t get the idea that Screwfix is a place only for men. Ladies, who like to do repair or renovation work around the house are also welcome. Whether you have a clear idea what you’re looking for, or not, you can decorate your flat just the way you want to, yourself. Paints and decorating tools are available in variety of sizes and options, while professional cleaning products will help you prepare all types of surfaces. Make sure you look at the broad range of wallpapers, which will add style and elegance to any room in your house.

Screwfix voucher codes

Having a place so cheap to buy all your DIY tools and products is great, but what if more can be done? Picodi allows you to look for deals conveniently, within minutes and for free. Too good to be true? Just:

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  1. Check what offers are available at the moment and ensure you see expiry date.

  2. Click on the deal and if there is a code to copy – do it.

  3. Go to Screwfix’ website and start shopping. Use easy to navigate menu on the top of the page to guide you through the catalogue.

  4. When you see a product you’ve been looking for, just choose whether you want to click and collect or have it delivered.

  5. Add it to basket and go to checkout or continue shopping.

  6. If you have a promo code, enter it into the window before paying.

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  1. Pay with your credit or debit card, by entering its number, your details, and if you wanted to have your goods shipped to your home – your address.

  2. You’ve just save yourself plenty of trouble and time!

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