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A multitude of brands, a variety of products

Argos is one of the biggest multiband stores in the United Kingdom. Located conveniently throughout the country, it serves millions of customers every year who want to find original items for the lowest price. It offers a variety of delivery and pick up options and makes shopping for literally any item - a breeze.

Argos is part of a well-known and much-loved group - Sainsbury's. With its wide catalogue of products, it's currently one of biggest retail groups in the country and rightly so - their dedication to customer service and offering their shoppers only the highest quality products brought loyalty beyond expectations. By being the most trusted seller in the UK and Ireland, it provides the customers with all the essentials by being accessible to everyone at the same time.

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Store locations and shopping

You can find your local Argos with an easy-to-use search tool on the website. You will then see if it's possible to pick up the items you buy or if you need to go for the delivery. Over 800 stores offer more than 60,000 products from different categories and over 30,000 employees are always happy to serve you. The popularity of the store cannot be underestimated - it's currently got 1 billion online visitors. It's a staggering number, and it's no wonder people love it so much.

There are different ways in which you can shop at Argos. One of them is to pop into the store. You will find paper and virtual catalogues there, and you can fill out the order form on site. You will see the products currently available. On another note, you can always try shopping online with Argos' website. It's available anytime and anywhere, and you can quickly find everything you need. Even if the item isn't available in your local store, you can still order it for delivery.

Choose your location

Delivery information

It's not a surprise that in order to serve their customers the right way, Argos offers various delivery modes. Delivery of all items is available throughout mainland UK and Northern Ireland. In some cases, shipping can also be arranged to Scottish Islands, Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Man. There is also an option of having Fast Track delivery. It only costs you &3.95 and is available seven days a week. You need results - Argos has got you covered! What does Fast Track mean exactly and how fast is that? If you order by 6 pm, you will receive the item before 10 pm ON THE SAME DAY. You also have a choice of time slots so that you don't need to wait at home or the office for the entire day. This option is available for products which have the Fast Track badge next to it.

What if you can order and pick the product up yourself? Argos stores have created a special Fast Track counter which allows you to collect the product before all other customers. What is more, you can pay by the counter if this option is feasible in your local store and if your item is located in it. It's just so convenient!

Finally, if you're not in a rush and you are happy to wait, you can opt for Standard delivery in which the products are dispatched the next working day from placing the order or for Royal Mail delivery which will happen for you within four working days. The latter option is completely free!

Refunds and returns

Sometimes we might want to return an item. We simply change our mind, or it appears that the gift we bought isn't exactly to another person's taste. In the case of most products, if the product isn't damaged or used, you can return it within 30 days. What is more, you don't just have to bring it back to Argos - if you had it delivered, it would be picked up from you for free. You will be offered an exchange or a full refund.

You can return the item to any store. So, if you bought it in one location and you're currently in another, that's not a problem at all. It makes unwanted gifts management so much easier, doesn't it? All you need is a proof of purchase which may very well take the form of a receipt from the till or kiosk, a confirmation email, an electronic receipt or your order number. That's it!

Suggested items

Additional services

The law states that you cannot dispose of certain products by placing them in the landfills. It sometimes makes getting rid of big appliances problematic. Argos wants to help you and the environment with the problem of excess waste so that whenever you have a new item delivered, the old one will be taken away. You won't have to worry about arranging for transport, and the new appliance will also be installed for you. It all depends on your needs because some customers prefer the installation only service - in which case they disconnect the old appliance themselves or installation and recycling in which everything is done for them. Choose whichever you prefer and enjoy more free time and a clean conscience!

Payment options

Argos understands that their every customer is different and has got different needs. The variety of payment options makes it easy for everyone to shop there - from a student looking to furnish their dorm room to an elderly couple wanting to exchange a few items in their house.

Additionally, to regular types of cards, such as Visa, MasterCard or Maestro, and American Express, you have a few more options. You can opt for an Argos card, which is basically a credit card with 29.9% APR. Read more about it on the website to find out if and what benefits you can enjoy when you use it.

There are also various gits cards you can use. One of them, often used in a multitude of stores, Shop4all is a very convenient mode of payment. However, it's recommended to make sure that there is always enough money available on it.

You can also make it easier for yourself to buy a present for the person you love and appreciate by giving them a gift card. This way they will get exactly what they need and what they like, and you'll be happy that you didn't spend money in vain. With a gift card, the other person can pay for the products both in-store and online, which makes the entire idea even more convenient.

Summer at Argos

For business runners

If you're an owner or a manager of a business, you know that every penny and every saving opportunity, no matter how small, counts. You think prospectively and see possibilities to improve your company where no one else would. If you're that kind of person and you wish to benefit your enterprise, no matter how big or small, open a business account with Argos. There are tons of benefits you can enjoy, and soon enough, you will see that it was the best decision you could have made.

First of all, you have the convenience of shopping both in store and online - whichever suits you best. You can save 4% on ALL of your business shopping. In a company, purchasing never ends, whether it's business supplies or products for your customers. 4% in a year can bring you quite a bit of saving. With the comprehensive invoicing system, you get up to 37 days to pay for your products. You'll also like to know that there are no fees or charges just for running the account - it's completely free, and you can apply for it even if you're a sole trader. The only requirement is that you need to get &1,000 of credit minimum.

Additional services

Those who have a pet at home, know very well how many smiles they can bring. The unconditional love we get from those furry or not creatures is priceless. However, as with any other family member, they might also require specialized care from time to time. To ensure you are always covered, and visits to the vet don't ruin your finances, you can choose your pet insurance from Argos.

The first thing you can do when you're thinking about purchasing it is get a quote. You can easily do it online with the help of dedicated customer service. It's really simple and only requires a few clicks. A variety of injuries and illnesses are covered, and the insurance is designed in a way that both dogs and cat owners can make claims against all the most common of them. It's worth mentioning that veterinarians often recommend getting the pet insurance because treatment can be very costly and in the end - at least some coverage makes it worth it. Choose from four options - accident only, time limited/12 months, maximum benefit and lifetime.

Quality watches at Argos

Types of products

Argos is a store that can provide you with literally everything you might need in your everyday life. Depending on the season, your needs may change, and Argos is happy to accommodate to those changes. What are the categories available?

We can't live without technology, let's face it. The mere fact that you are reading this text only proves that we're surrounded by it, and we can't really detach from it. More often than not, it's a good thing, and we can keep in touch with our friends and family across the world, learn things much quicker and entertain ourselves and our guests in our homes. However, it can get very pricey at times and, as it's often the case, we might have to go to multiple stores to find everything we need. With this in mind, Argos has got everything you might want to shop for regarding technology, including the latest releases from leading brands. Choose from sound and vision, computing and phones, essentials, gaming, new technology and find out what smart technology really means and what the popular searches are.

Are you planning or expecting a baby? It's a very special time in the life of every parent, and the preparation can take its toll on anyone. It's both exciting and frightening that soon enough, we might bring another person into the world. Of course, such a life-changing event requires careful planning and the right approach. While thinking about all the essentials you might need, you can feel overwhelmed by how much money you might have to spend. Fortunately, there's Argos which boasts 100% original products for any budget. Whether it's baby clothing or feeding supplies, transportation gear or nursery furniture - get it all in one place. If you're an expectant or new mommy, you can also spoil yourself with a comprehensive offer of items designed especially for you. For every trimester and every stage of your pregnancy and post-natal life, Argos has got you covered.

All essentials for a new baby

That's not all, though. Spending time outdoors, especially in season from early spring to late autumn is highly recommended and has plenty of health benefits. To make your time outside much nicer, especially if you have a piece of land for yourself, take a look at products available in the Home & Garden category. Do you like to invite your friends for a barbeque? You will find a ton of BBQ accessories and equipment with which you are bound to become the new chef in the neighbourhood. You can also buy some garden furniture as well as decorations and landscaping accessories and if you enjoy taking care of the green area - lawnmowers.

Speaking of being active, it's vital for our health to practice some kind of sport on a regular basis. To do that, however, we must make sure that the gear we use and the attire we wear while doing sports is safe for us. Argos carries a large selection of sports and leisure products, such as bicycles, camping equipment, fitness accessories and more. You will also find the latest hottest products for the entire family.

Other categories in which you might be interested include toys, health, and beauty, clothing, jewellery and watches, gifts and summer football. Be sure to check them all before you make your purchase.

Health and beauty products

How to shop

It's recommended that you use your email address to subscribe to Argos in order to receive newsletters regarding the variety of services. You should also get yourself a subscription from Picodi, which can bring you the latest news on their newest promotions. There are different types you can choose from: codes need to be copied and entered in the right place while free shipping offers you free of charge delivery on orders. With a subscription, you won't have to spend time looking for them.

Then, when you're at Argos' website, start searching for products you wish to purchase. When you enter the name of the item or its number, it should pop right away. However, you also can use filters to guide you. Remember to select colour, sizes and other specifications with your goods. You can then opt for a pickup or a delivery service and choose which one suits you best.

This is where your Argos account comes handy because every time you shop there, you won't have to enter the same details all the time. All you need now is your discount code and to make the payment. You will receive your product within the specified time.

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