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Your natural habitat is one of the things that make you – you. When you feel the need to relax, to feel yourself, you go home to rest and regenerate your strength. This is why it’s so important to have the things that are true to your own data-style, surround you. If you feel that purchasing brand new furniture would be too much for you, don’t wait any longer and check HABITAT’s new range of house furnishings.

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And when you’re in need of a bargain, simply visit Picodi before you place any orders. You can get all the same things much cheaper and still enjoy fantastic quality. It’s the platform, where all shoppers from around the country can pick and choose deals from all brands and stores in Britain.


It’s the store for people who aren’t afraid to look for new solutions and are open to trends. Modern designs combined with natural colours and materials merge into one to give users sense of comfort and security. They set the new directions that furniture industry goes towards and let you enjoy them to the fullest in your own space. If you want to experience the modern with the traditional in a completely new way, Habitat is for you.

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Small flats leave very little room for the imagination. We need to work our best to use the space we live in to the fullest and still not feel like we live in clutter. The store allows you to find great space-saving solutions that don’t require specialist knowledge or interior design’s diploma. You have all the freedom and flexibility to create your home just the way you want to.

While in small flats there isn’t always space for dining tables, you will most definitely see a coffee table in each of them. It can serve as a shelf for food during parties, for coffee pot when your friends come over or for dinner with family where people gather in circle to share a meal together. A broad range of tables big and small made of a variety of materials, will suit just as diverse tastes. Round or square or of any other shape, they are both beautiful and practical.

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Sleeping is essential to our health and well-being. This is why you should always go for comfort and quality when purchasing beds and sofas. We don’t always have enough rooms to devote one of them just for guests staying in, so having a great sofa for other people to sleep on makes you a great host/hostess and helps you accommodate all your guests’ needs. If you have problems choosing one and don’t really know which way to go, refer to a convenient sofa buying guide on the website that will tell you everything you need to know.

If you want to add even more life into your interiors, find the right accessories for your shelving units, windowsills and kitchens. Original frames will help you preserve your memories for longer while a nice vase will always be ready for fresh flowers and plants. Don’t let your laundry ruin the room and keep it neatly in hampers that decorate apart from storing.

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Habitat promo codes

There is nothing easier than shopping at Habitat with Picodi. When you’re preparing yourself for purchases, simply:

  1. Check out deals, which are available on the Picodi website right now.

  2. Pick one that suits you best and you want to use.

  3. Click on it and if it’s a promo code, simply copy it. You will use it at the checkout at the end of the shopping spree.

  4. In other case, you will be redirected to the store’s website to do your shopping.

  5. Use menu on the top of the page to find range you’re interested in.

  6. When you see an item you want to buy, just click on it and add to bag. Select the number of items you need.

  7. To review your order, click on my bag and add or remove items. You get free shipping on selected orders above £50 and all orders above £500.

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  1. Enter your promo code in the right window and pay using the secure checkout system.

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Habitat has huge discounts throughout the whole year, but you can save even more at other shops when you shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Check out our Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 special pages where we collected all the promotions. Don’t miss any anymore!

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