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Hobbies, arts and crafts

What do you do in your spare time? Whenever somebody asks us that very question, we just don’t know what to say. How is that? Why is that? Is it because we don’t have any hobbies or have we just forgotten what it’s like to have them? With The Works online store, you can remind yourself what it’s like to engage in meaningful pastime activity and develop your skills. Do it alone or with others – the experience is sure to be rewarding and fulfilling.

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How it Works?

The Works is a store with probably the most comprehensive offer when it comes to home essentials and furnishings as well as stationery and supplies for arts and crafts. It is the best place for all customers who look for a true bargain in their shopping but also don’t want to compromise on quality. It’s often used by kids’ clubs, libraries and schools for paper and book supplies. Now, you can take advantage of great prices as well.

The Works products

If you don’t like to buy things you can’t touch yourself, you can always use the store locator to show you where your nearest Works outlet is. After you make sure that it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, you can go on and shop online for everything you need for fun and work. The goods can be collected in store if that’s more convenient for you or delivered to your home or office. The service is always timely and the customer assistants are happy to help you with any issue you may have.

Apart from regular fiction or non-fiction books, you can also see some great deals and promotions, designed specifically for The Works customers. Any 10 books for kids available for just £10 will help you introduce your child to the magic world of literature and help install the love you have for reading, in them. 6 fiction books for £10 is for people who can’t go a day without a book in their hands and want to shop in bulks. New and trending books are ones that have been released recently and are becoming more and more popular. Discounted books are the ones that haven’t been sold but are still in tip-top condition and need to make room for new ones.

The Works books

If you’re looking for Home & Leisure products, The Works is right here for you. Home storage and gadgets will make your house space more organised and uncluttered. With office supplies, your work will be much more effective and undisrupted. Travel essentials are things that will help you transport yourself from one place to another and have everything handy, while vinyl records will allow you to listen to music vintage style.

Together Rewards Card is for people who value the store’s approach to customers and want to be rewarded for their purchases. All you need to do is join for free by signing up for the card online or in store and registering it. You then need to link it to your online store account and you will be able to earn points with the next purchase! For each pound you spend at the store, you will earn 5 Together Points, which you can accumulate towards your future purchases. You can check your points balance any time by logging into your account but you will also receive a confirmation email from time to time. To spend them, simply shop as usual but use them, instead of cash!

The Works rewards card

The Works discount codes

It’s amazing how much you can earn with online shopping. Start with The Works and their broad catalogue of home goods and stationery. Use Picodi and:

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  2. If the deal is ongoing you can come back to it later but keep checking regularly.

  3. Click on the offer and you will be taken onto The Works’ website.

  4. Click on the category you’re interested in, paying special attention to offers.

  5. When you find the item you want, just click on it and add it to your basket.

  6. Go to your basket to see if everything’s right with your order.

  7. Add a promotional code and apply it.

  8. You can continue to payments page either with your card or Paypal account. Choose the best option for you.

  9. Leave your card details or log into your Paypal account to make the payment.

The Works Vouchers and Deals

With such a great bargain, shopping is much more pleasant. It doesn’t have to end there and you can find more deals on Picodi!