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DEAL - up to 50% off racer pool. Click the link to get to the discount area on the ELC website.
  • expired:: 2013-08-31

DEAL - Free Standard Delivery on orders over £50. Click the link to get to the discount area on the ELC website.
  • expired:: 2013-12-31

DEAL - 20% OFF Plum garden toys and outdoor play centres. Click the link to get to the discount area on the ELC website.
  • expired:: 2013-08-12

DEAL - 50% OFF on Multi Play Centre. Click the link to get to the discount area on the ELC website.
  • expired:: 2013-08-12

DEAL - £25 OFF on City Train Set. Click the link to get to the discount area on the ELC website.
  • expired:: 2014-01-06

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More about Early Learning Centre:

Support your child’s development

Every child’s early years are crucial for his or her development. What they learn at this stage is very important for the rest of their life. The experiences they have, the kind of care they receive and the way they are taught new things determines their entire future. Make sure your child gets the best education by playing and learning about the world in a natural and fun way. Engage them with Early Learning Centre’s resources you and your child will simply love and cherish together.

ELC website

Picodi wants to help by providing you with vouchers and promotions that will effectively help you save money. Whether you want to actively play with your child or buy new clothes, Picodi is your go-to place for everything you need.


Start as early and as easy as possible. Your child’s brain works at highest speed to comprehend everything around them. Take an active approach and talk to your child about the surrounding environment. When your child starts distinguishing colours (around 2 months or a bit later), get them a colourful toy they can grab themselves and describe each individual part. Baby Einstein toy set is perfect to start with as they are completely safe and can be washed. A playpen or an activity gym is ideal if your baby loves to hear different sounds and you want to introduce them to new textures and shapes.

ELC toys

The time between 6 and 12 months is the moment when your child’s movements become more apparent. They start sitting up by themselves, crawling and make first attempts into standing up and walking. Support their development by getting them toys that will help them, not do all the work for them. A baby Toot Toot walker is perfect to provide a baby with different stimuli whenever they feel like standing up or sitting down and tooting the horn. An activity triangle is fantastic for all those moment when your baby wants to see what different shapes and sizes are.

At around 1-2 years, you child becomes a bit more social. They start to notice other children – perhaps they already go to nursery or a play group. Support your precious one by showing them that being with other kids can be a fun experience as well as a learning one. Toys that can help in developing social skills involve role playing, such as in the Happyland School Bus or Doctor’s Surgery. Don’t worry if they don’t speak while role playing – children can communicate beyond adult’s speech.

ELC toys

By the time your child is three, they probably have their favourite toy. Don’t take it away from them because it’s a kind of their security blanket. When they go to the kindergarten, their mummy and daddy are far away or when they need to stay at the hospital. Early Learning Centre has a wide range of cuddly toys which are perfect for all difficult circumstances, all the cries and smiles. However, whatever you buy your child, remember to play with them. Even the most precious toy is not worth anything if there is no one to share the early experience with.

ELC discount

Early Learning Centre discount codes

Make early years of your child as nice as possible with amazing deals on toys from Early Learning Centre. Browse through the extensive catalogue and pick whatever you feel your wee one will like. To start, just:

  1. Find available deals on Picodi

  2. Click on one of them and copy the code. Go to ELC’s website.

  3. When you see a toy you think is perfect for your child, click on it and read all about it.

  4. Choose quantity and add to basket.

  5. View basket to see if you have everything you need and to add a discount code (should you have one).

ELC basket

  1. Go to secure checkout and pay as usual while shopping on the internet.

  2. Wait for the delivery

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