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Delicious and decadent

As much as we want to keep healthy and fit, there are things that are just too good to resist. Ice cream, a nice hot cup of coffee and chocolate. A mixture of cocoa powder with other ingredients that make it a smooth and delicious treat, perfect for everyday consumption. Hotel Chocolat brings you the very best of chocolate sweetness to make your every day just a bit sweeter.

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The substance made of cocoa beans comes from South America, where it natively grew on trees called cacao. It was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus, but the Spanish kept it a secret for a long time. It is said that one chocolate drink enabled Herman Cortes conquer the Aztec lands because the Aztecs actually thought he was their worshipped god – Quetzacoatl. Believe it or not, but very soon, the land of Aztecs was already Spanish.

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Today we can enjoy the black gold every day, just the way we want to and there is no better place than Hotel Chocolat. It’s one of the most versatile products, used in many cuisines of the world for desserts, savoury dishes, and even in beauty treatments. It contains caffeine so it is a perfect substitute for coffee, but it’s also high in magnesium, which makes it very healthy. Whenever you feel like you lack this crucial for your health microelement – have a bite of chocolate instead of popping yet another pill. The darker the chocolate, that is the higher amount of cocoa your bar contains, the better for your wellbeing it is. If it contains less added sugars and other unnecessary ingredients, it can be used as a preventive means against coronary disease and some types of cancers! We like the sound of that.

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Chocolate is also known to make people happy. It’s because of tryptophan, the amino acid that helps your brain produce serotonin. It’s all natural so get to it at once. So whenever you’re stressed because of work or family life, whenever somebody makes you angry in any way, whenever you feel like screaming, just have a bite instead of smoking or drinking alcohol. A bite of good quality chocolate from Hotel Chocolat a day keeps a doctor away!

For a perfect gift, don’t look any further. Don’t buy your loved one yet another useless present that they’ll keep in the attic and take out only when you visit. Leave it to the pros and choose from the widest selection of great chocolate treats. Advent calendars are perfect for children, who will discover a new candy every day in their anticipation for Christmas. There’s no better way to say congratulations to another person than to gift them a case of chocolate sweets you can share together. And if you’ve done something wrong to another person, say sorry with beautifully wrapped packs containing chocolate and Prosecco.

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There’s no point pretending you’re immune to chocolate. Don’t wait any longer and:

  1. Look through the available deals on Picodi. Ensure you notice the expiration date.

  2. Go to Hotel Chocolat’s website and start looking for your chosen products.

  3. When you see a product you want, click on it to see more details.

  4. When you’re convinced that you want it, simply choose the quantity, size (if possible) and add to your Bag.

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  1. Add a voucher code if you got one from Picodi. The price will drop.

  2. Checkout securely by using your debit or credit card and leaving your details.

  3. Wait patiently!

Allow yourself and your loved ones to enjoy some decadence from time to time. It’s healthy. Then go shopping for clothes and jewellery with Picodi!

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