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Each and every one of us is a beautifully unique and individual person. We have our own tastes, our own quirks, our own visions, dreams, fantasies. No wonder, that in the world of mass-production, unification and globalization we feel somehow not quite right. And a view of fifteen different people with an outfit the same as ours makes us cry a little inside. But how can we express our individuality? How can we show the world that we like something different, for a change? And how can we show others that we see their individuality and that we love it?

Not On The High Street is an answer to all these questions. At least, one of the possible answers. Ten years ago, two friends, Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish sat for a coffee and stood up with a brilliant idea to create a place where all the original, unique, stylish products may be found by those who are fed up with serial production and want something that will express their own uniqueness. That’s how Not On The High Street has started – as a website than currently gathers over 5,000 of the best British small creative businesses that work hard to provide you with only the finest products of their creativity, may it be a beautiful gift, an exceptional jewellery, a stylish homeware or never-seen-before decorations.

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Not like any other

To  say that Not On The High Street is simply an online store selling gifts and decorations would be just wrong. Because it does so much more than that. Not On The High Street is like  a hand reaching towards all the talented, creative people who would like to sell the products of their creation but cannot afford to have their own shop “on the high street”. Because for that they would have to resign from their carefully prepared, hand-crafted, original products, of which every piece is a masterpiece. Not On The High Street takes care for all the formalities, deliveries and additional costs so that creators may focus on transforming their talent and passion into material wonders.

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You can buy gifts for all the occasions, various recipients or you can try to find a perfect gift based on a recipient personality traits to show your loved ones that you really appreciate them for who they are. For home and garden, you can find a wide selection of products ranging from big furniture pieces to small decorative accessories. The store offers all kinds of jewellery, accessories, baby and child gifts and essentials, everything you could need for a wedding… yes, including a wedding gown, and countless other things. Not On The High Street continue to broaden their offer by inviting every small crafting business owner to join them with a common aim of offering extraordinary products to extraordinary people.


Not really complicated

It is hard to choose from such a plenitude of options. Every category is further divided and has a set of filters, such as price, colour or special features, to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Every product page includes a detailed information about the product, customer reviews and, in some cases, options for customization. When you find a product that you like, add it to your basket. Log in or register to check out. Enter your address and choose a delivery option. The Standard Delivery is free in the UK for many items. On the page with payment choice you have a place to enter your discount code that you can find on the Picodi website. Fill in the rest of the details and confirm your order. Simple, isn’t it?

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Not your ordinary store

Not On The High Street doesn’t want to work as a store. It rather opts for being a marketplace, where craftsmen and artists may meet their customers. And just like on a marketplace instead of a dry, formal trade, they prefer close contact, good relations, a bit of a chatter and friendly atmosphere. To achieve that, they offer you a possibility to reach them through various social media as Facebook and Twitter. Their Pinterest an Instagram pages will most certainly help you discover some amazing creations available on the website while on their blog you can find various trends and inspirations for your home arrangements, wedding planning and many more.

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Not expensive at all

People from Not On The High Street do everything they can to ensure that you have a wide selection of products in different price ranges so you can always find affordable products for yourself and for your loved ones. Additionally, the store issues seasonal sales and various promotions to make their products even cheaper. But you don’t have to depend on such temporary offers as you can always check Picodi’s website for new discount codes to use on your shopping. Staying original in a world of clones has a price – but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a high price.

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