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Stunning flower arrangements online

People love to shower their loved ones with gifts and indeed, the market boasts a variety of wonderful presents. However, there are instances when we just don't know what to buy another person as they either have everything they need and they don't have a preference, or we just have no idea, and we're not comfortable enough to ask. There is one thing, though, that fits all occasions, meets the preferences of most people and is appropriate for any occasion - from weddings to funerals. This thing is a bouquet of flowers. With this in mind, Interflora has got everything you need to satisfy your beneficiary's taste.

About Interflora

Interflora is currently the largest network for flower delivery in the United Kingdom and internationally. It rose to such rank due to their attitude towards flower delivery - with care and punctuality. Florists at Interflora know everything about flowers and how to arrange them so that the person who receives them is happy. More importantly, all of the florists who belong to the network have specific types of skills which make their bouquets stand out from the rest of the market.

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Why buy flowers online?

It's one of the most frequently asked questions when the issue of shopping for flowers online arise. After all, flowers are one of those things that are best judged when seen in person. There is no better way to see if they are fresh and not withered a bit. However, with the rise in popularity of online shopping and with the increasing cases of lack of time, it's no surprise that online flower shops have become so popular.

Another reason to buy bouquets online is the fact that we often live away from our family and friends. This is the reason why often times we cannot take part in various celebrations. Due to travel restrictions, having a flower delivery for a person we love is a perfect solution.

Interflora is known for its attention to detail when arranging flowers and its dedication to the highest quality of their bouquets. With the online shop system, the customer can order flowers at any time of the day, even at night. There is no reason to leave work early or to rush to the store just before the Sunday dinner if everything can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or at the office.

Delivery information

With its vast network, any customer can trust that their flower order will be delivered at the right time. Interflora offers various options for any need, including same day delivery. The only condition that has to be met is to place the order by 3 pm. You can also opt to have the flowers delivered on a particular day. It's important especially in the case of birthdays, and when you cannot do it yourself. If the celebration takes place on a Sunday, this can also be arranged and, more importantly, the flowers will be arranged on the same day for freshness.

If you can pick the flowers yourself, but you don't have the time to wait for the arrangement, you can order them online and pick them up yourself. Click & Collect service is free of charge, as is funeral delivery, and once you register for Delivery Pass, you can order flowers throughout the year and not pay for shipping at all.

Same day delivery flowers

International flower delivery

Interflora has found that people often move to other countries and would like to send their family and friends gifts. Fortunately, the distance no longer restricts them from being the best son, boyfriend, friend in the world. Working with international florists in 140 countries all around the globe allows them to make that one day in a year a very special one for someone. To make sure that the arrangement will be just as stunning as it would be here in the country, the company works only with expert florists who show utmost dedication to their craft and passion for flower arranging.

If you live in the UK and you wish to shower your loved one who lives in another country with flowers, simply click on International and follow with the appropriate country tab. You can also view all countries to choose the right one from the list. If you live abroad and your family or friends are in the UK, order via official Interflora website. It's just that easy.

International delivery is available

Expert advice

Most people know little to nothing about the meaning of a specific flower. They hardly ever think about what's the most appropriate one for that particular occasion. To meet their clients' needs, Interflora can suggest the right arrangement for that particular occasion. By clicking on Occasions tab, you will see a number of venues typically showered with bouquets. For example, florist experts can advise their customers on what's appropriate on a funeral or perhaps for a wedding. Do you have a friend who has just had a baby and have no idea what's appropriate? That's alright too as you will find suggestions that can stun any new mommy.

Due to its vast knowledge, Interflora takes full advantage of what nature gives us. It means they accommodate their offer to existing seasonal conditions so that all bouquets can be as fresh as possible. These arrangements are both elegant and cheaper for you as a customer simply because they don't need to be grown in special conditions despite the weather.

For their international customers, Interflora offers seasonal and regionally-varied types of flowers. Each country has got its specific character, therefore what's appropriate for a wedding in the UK may not necessarily be in another country. Interflora leaves that to their expert florists in their international network as they know best what their customers expect.

Perfect anniversary flowers

Not just bouquets

Sometimes, people prefer to receive plants in pots instead of traditional cut bouquets. It makes sense since they last longer, they can be placed on windowsills in the house or offices and are a perfect gift on their own. Most of the plants available on the website are categorized accordingly, which means you can buy the right one for the right occasion. So if you don't have a preference, choose from New Home, Birthday, Congratulations, Retirement, Get well soon, Thank You, Romance, Anniversary, I'm Sorry, Surprise, New Baby or Good Luck. They were placed in those categories by experts, however, feel free to choose something different if you think the person you're giving it to will like it.

You can also filter your search according to the type of plant. Choose from rose, kalanchoe, campanula, orchid, bougainvillea and more. If you think that a plant isn't enough, you can find other items available on the website, such as chocolates, wine, champagne and more. You know the person you love best so play a bit with the ideas and create the most stunning gift of all.

Other filters include the pricing and whether this particular gift can be delivered on the same day.

Plants and gifts are also available

Information on ordering

Placing an order is very easy with Interflora. The store combines the convenience of online shopping with the customer service you would expect from a traditional store. It's exactly what makes this particular place so special.

First, you decide that it's time to buy flowers online. When you're on the website, use one of the categories and then subcategories on the top. They will guide you in the right direction. When you find the right one, let's say, Birthday Flowers, you will see some varied bunches that are just perfect for the occasion. You can then filter down your search according to product type, content, colour, price, average rating, added extras and whether it contains alcohol. You can also see which ones are available for click and collect or same day delivery.

Then, choose one you love the most. Click on it, and you will be presented with a variety of options. First, enter the recipient's postcode or follow the instructions if you don't know it. Then, check if you can collect it yourself. Remember that you also can send it to an international address. Select the delivery date and mode. Add it to your online basket.

Then, simply follow the instructions on the screen. If you have a promo code from Picodi, just enter it in the appropriate place. Make the payment as always.

Before your gift is delivered, you might be interested in the status of your order. It's really easy to track it with your order number. Upon entering it, you will see that it's received, awaiting makeup, out for delivery or delivered. You will find your order number in your confirmation email.

Beautiful gifts for any occasion

Delivery Pass

Interflora is a merchant who values their most loyal customers. If you order flowers and other gifts with this network frequently, you deserve to be treated with special attention. You can, therefore, obtain the Interflora delivery pass (Gold or Platinum). It will entitle you to certain benefits.

First of all, to purchase the pass, you must be a registered Interflora member. You will then be able to activate it. You have two options to choose from - pick the one that suits your needs best. Gold Pass entitles you to have your flowers delivered via the standard service for free on the next day from placing your order OR to a discount, however only against the products which are not offered with free delivery. The Platinum pass will give you free delivery on all delivery services. More importantly, you can use it as many times you want within the 12 months from the date of purchase.


If you run a business or you're responsible for corporate events in your company, you know very well that there are occasions which require special attention. Birthdays, company anniversaries, farewell parties, are all fantastic opportunities to bond with other employees so Interflora can help you in achieving a fantastic climate. First of all, there are gifts that can be custom made for employees. Flowers, hampers and more will be accustomed to the character of the event.

What are the benefits of working with Interflora? You are sure that what you get is the best service possible. You will get a personalized delivery offer that is possible even within the next 3 hours (who doesn't love those quick pop-up birthday parties?). You will also receive the help of an Account Manager who will do everything in their power to adjust the service to your needs. With bulk orders, you are also eligible for discounts.

Summer bunches


Do you like to get inspired by others from time to time? There's nothing wrong with that since not everyone is an expert in everything. When we see something that stuns us, we might want to go for the same effect. It's no different with flowers and plants, and Interflora understands that very well. If that's true for you, you can now find inspiration with their blog, where they share information relating to flowers. The articles are neatly categorized according to the theme: Life, News, Style, and Weddings. Have you seen a Royal Wedding on TV and loved the style of the new bride? See the expert advice on recreating the effect she had on so many people. Are you interested in lifestyle news concerning flowers or how to care for them? Click on Life. Everything you need to know about the topic is right there.

An exciting opportunity

Interflora is always open to expanding their network of florists throughout the country and beyond. The company knows that it takes a special set of skills and character to work with fresh flowers and plants, therefore if you possess dedication and passion for handcrafted bouquets, but you're struggling with expanding your reach, you can join the network yourself. What does it mean in practice?

You most definitely will get more business. Interflora is by far the most frequently chosen online flower shop in the UK, and it reaches all parts of the country. Wherever you are, you will create arrangements for a vast number of customers in your neighbourhood. You will also now be able to provide your customers with more items, such as chocolate and other gifts. It means that if someone does not want to buy flowers, they can still shop at your place. You will benefit from being a part of the Interflora label which immediately will make you more visible on the market.

How to use Picodi

It's very easy, always free of charge and can be done at any time you want. By registering an account, you are opening thousands of saving opportunities online, both in the UK and abroad. The information about promotions will be delivered to your mailbox, and when you get it, you can visit Picodi to view it in more detail. You can get free shipping, codes, vouchers, and coupons. Don't be surprised if Interflora or another store starts throwing gifts with your orders. It's that kind of place - full of opportunity and inclusion.

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