McDonald's Specials: Breakfast Deals

Forgot your breakfast? No worries. Visit your nearest McDonald's restaurant and grab your favourite breakfast special.

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McDonalds Promotion: $1 And $2 Super Deals

The Loose Change Menu is now available at McDonald's. Spend not more than $2 on selected treats. Find the whole list of items on the landing page.

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Cheeseburger MEAL DEAL - $3!!!

Your favourite Cheeseburger, French fries and a cup of Coca-Cola for $3 ONLY! Enjoy your meal!

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McDonald's coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Archive offer McDonald's Promotion: McChicken For $2!

Don't miss out on a chance to get delicious McChicken for only $2! The deal is valid for a limited time, be quick!
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Archive offer McDonalds Promotion: Apple Pie McFlurry Available

Enjoy your two favourite desserts combined - no need to choose anymore! Find your nearest Macca and get Apple Pie McFlurry before anyone else does. Check it out!
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Archive offer McDonalds Promotion: All Day Breakfast

Eat Macca's breakfast all day long! Check out the offer's details and enjoy delicious food around the clock. No McDonalds vouchers are needed to take advantage of the promo.
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Archive offer McDonald's Vouchers With The App

Get the Macca's mobile app and browse through all the current deals! Grab a bunch of McDonald's vouchers and treat yourself to something delicious!
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Archive offer New ApplePie McFlurry: Limited Edition!

Try the new delicious ApplePie McFlurry! Get it in the nearest restaurant - enjoy the best dessert at the lowest price!
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More about McDonald's:

Mcdonald's logo

About company

A company that does not require any formal introduction. An immensely popular franchise network founded in early 1940s in California by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald. Their success contributed to the origin of other similar companies. Today, McDonald’s has become a synonym of the word “fast-food” and with a good reason. The company has restaurants in more than a hundred countries all over the world and every day serves tens of millions people with burgers and other food made from high quality products. Over the years, the company has perfected logistics and food preparing process to speed up serving time and reduce prices. When you make your order, whether you choose to eat a hamburger or a cheeseburger made from 100% beef patty, chicken products like McNuggets or simply French fires, you only have to wait a matter of couple minutes and you can start enjoying your meal. Today, McDonalds employs millions of people – because it’s a franchise network everyone can run their own restaurant! If you have enough resources, you can use McDonald’s know-how and run your own restaurant.

McDonald's restaurant

The history of McDonald’s in Australia started in 1971 when the first restaurant opened in Sydney. Macca’s today, which is the name that McDonald’s goes by in Australia, feeds more than one million people everyday and employs more than 90 thousand people across 900 restaurants in Australia and their offices.

I’m Lovin’ It!

A lot of people is familiar with a catchy jingle followed by popular catchphrase and slogan used by McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin’ It!”. It was the first global advertising campaign that launched in 2003 with a song made by Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams. Now, years later the popularity of the slogan surpassed by far the popularity of the song. But why millions of people love McDonald’s food so much? It’s simple. The company always tries to improve their products by finding suppliers that provide the best meat, vegetables and other ingredients. The size of the company allows to cut the logistics costs to minimum and negotiate the best prices for ingredients. Therefore, the customer is presented with very reasonable prices. Very often, there are also McDonald’s deals and special offers. Another important factor is taste. Not only is it very good, but is also the same all over the world. Have you ever found yourself in a country which cuisine was not your cup of tea?

McDonald's singpost

Just look for a very characteristic signpost with golden arches – they are everywhere – near the highways or inside the cities. Inside, you will find place with a familiar menu where you won’t feel confused – every flagship product of McDonald’s will be there. And for those that are more demanding, McDonald’s makes local variations of their menu, so apart from standard offer you can try something a bit more regional – like soup in Asia or rice in Indonesia. Just look at this Aussie BBQ Angus burger – aren’t you hungry just by looking at it? It’s 100% Aussie Angus beef complemented by other ingredients that together make something really delicious!

McDonald's burger


Create your taste

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Some McDonald’s restaurants in Australia give you a possibility to design your own burger. You just have to follow few simple steps.

Step 1: Choose your bun. Simple bakery bun? Or Brioche data-style? Or perhaps a ciabatta?

Step 2: What will be the core of your burger? Chicken or beef? Both are good!

Step 3: Like cheese? You can choose between mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar and many others!

Step 4: Add taste-makers like crispy bacon, grilled mushroom, eggs and many more.

Step 5: Fresh’n it up – add some colour to your burger. Red tomatoes and green lettuce will be perfect.

Step 6: Get saucy! Choosing from 8 different sauces can be tough, but that’s the kind of problem that you will like!

Now, just wait and the team will prepare your creation in a matter of minutes.

McDonald’s Hot Deals!

Special offers come in all shapes and sizes. Want to be sure that you won’t miss anything? Just go the picodi website and search for McDonald’s – make sure to type in your e-mail and click “Join now!”. Now, you won’t miss anything – you will get information about current McDonald’s coupon codes and MyMacca’s promotions directly to your e-mail. It’s always a good time to save some money!

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