Picodi: Cashback & Promo Codes - all in one place!

Picodi: Cashback & Promo Codes - all in one place!

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Cashback, promo codes and deals - they really work!

How does Picodi work?

Well, it's pretty simple!

Open Picodi.com!

Always do this before you shop. You won't lose out on it! :)


Select a store and click on any offer

You will be redirected to the store. If you shop now, you'll get CASHBACK.

Also, use discount codes

If you find a discount code on Picodi, use it before finalizing the order.


Finish shopping and wait for CASHBACK

As soon as the shop confirms your purchase, your CASHBACK will appear in your Picodi account.

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Cashback, promo codes, and deals - they really work!

These people have already verified that:

Erin Taylor - Avatar

Erin Taylor

Thanks to Picodi, I was able to save some extra cash for trips and small pleasures without any stress or fuss. Using cashback is easy and the extra money just falls into your pocket. I highly recommend it!
Emily Brown - Avatar

Emily Brown

I've been saving with Picodi for a long time both through discount codes and cashback. In fact, I see the biggest benefits when booking flights and hotel accommodation. Sometimes the cashback itself allows me to go on another trip.
Oscar Hammond - Avatar

Oscar Hammond

I find Picodi especially useful when I'm buying electronics or sports equipment. Not only I can always find discount codes for my favourite shops there, but I also get cashback on my purchases, often really impressive. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cashback

Questions and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Cashback - what is it?

It's easy!

When shopping online, you can get some money back. Of course thanks to Picodi :)
That recovered money - that's what cashback is! You collect it on your Picodi account. And when you want, you can withdraw it to your bank account and spend on whatever you want.

Discount code? A promotion? What is the difference between them?

Discount code is an offer containing a string of characters that must be entered on the store's website (in the "basket" when placing an order)

Promotion is an offer that does not require any code. Simply - you click on it and land on the appropriate page in the store.

What's important: discount codes and promotions - both types of offers can be found on Picodi. And if you have an account with Picodi, you can also get cashback by using them!

Cashback, discount codes. Can they be combined with each other?

Of course!
As a Picodi user, you'll always get cashback (with every purchase)!

And if there is a discount code on Picodi for the store where you want to make a purchase, you'll save even more!

Sometimes there are exceptions, when the use of a discount code will slightly lower the amount of the cashback itself, but there will always be information about it added in the offer.

Cashback - how much can I save?

Usually from a few to a dozen or so percent. Often, however, there are actions under which you can receive various start bonuses, and then the savings can reach up to several dozen percent. And if a discount code is also available, there is nothing left to do but shop!

Does it always work?

Yes, but sometimes minor technical problems can occur: cashback will be calculated incorrectly, the browser plug will block cashback activation or the rebate code will expire. It happens, but take it easy: in any case, you can use the Help Center. We will help :)

Is it free?

Yes! It costs nothing to use Picodi and all types of offers (discount codes, promotions) and collect cashback.

You cannot lose, only gain (save on purchases).