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NWJ is a South African retailer and manufacturer of jewellery and watches. It was founded in 1983 by Hylton Rabinowitz. The first store was opened in Durban, South Africa and shortly after, NWJ incorporated a factory - one of Durban’s oldest jewellery manufacturers, founded 1928. That allowed for offering jewellery of superior quality at really attractive prices, cheaper than anywhere in the market. At the moment, NWJ has around 80 stores in all the major towns of South Africa where you can buy the finest NWJ jewellery.

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NWJ Factory

Thanks to the wise decision of NWJ’s founder, the company can manufacture jewellery in its own factory. Up to 45% of merchandise is manufactured in NWJ’s state-of-art facility, currently based at KZN’s Millennium Business Park. The facility includes 12,000 lines of manufacturing but the most important parts of production are conducted manually by skilled workers. A professional team of gemmologists, experts and craftsmen ensures that you can buy jewellery of excellent quality at the price no one can beat.


So, what can you find on the NWJ website? Definitely, you can see beautiful jewellery for men and women – but that goes without saying. The NWJ South Africa website displays mainly rings, earrings and pendants. As for metals you can choose between 9 and 18 carat gold in its white, rose and yellow varieties. Stones include mostly breathtaking diamonds but also tanzanite, cubic zirconia and a wide range of other popular gemstones such as sapphires, amethysts, emeralds and more. NWJ’s bridal collection encompasses stunning NWJ engagement rings, a perfect way to ask “that” question. You will also find wedding rings for men and women as well as elegant and tasteful bridal party gifts. Speaking of gifts, there is also a separate section that can be most helpful when you’re looking for a well-thought gift for an anniversary or birthday of someone special. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching diamond earrings, a charming sapphire ring or a unique gold pendant – you’ve come to the right place. And if you want to save on NWJ jewellery, there is an opportunity for that! Look for NWJ rings on special 

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Using website

At the moment, NWJ doesn’t provide online buying option. So what’s the website for? I’m glad that you asked! Visit NWJ website to check out the selection of the finest jewellery from NWJ’s own collection. That's why NWJ catalogue 2018 is available on the site and if a particular product catches your eye, use the Store Locator to find the nearest store where you can buy it. Take part in various competitions, where you can win beautiful jewellery pieces and discount vouchers. Apply for NWJ Credit to pay with ease and convenience. Create a wishlist of your dream jewellery, sign up for a newsletter to catch up with the news and read everything there is to read about gems. You can also visit NWJ on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to keep up with all the news and to meet the NWJ community.

NWJ Credit

Applying for NWJ Card will not only make your payments easier – it will grant you a R1,100 off purchases in vouchers on your jewellery shopping right after registration. You can apply through the website and collect your shiny NWJ Card in any store you choose. It is valid in all NWJ stores in South Africa. The NWJ Card comes with fast transaction approval, flexible budget plans, exclusive offers and special deals for cardholders.

You can also choose a Lay-By option, available in-store for that special purchase you just need to afford. Lay-by account requires a minimum of a 20% deposit and is payable over 7 months.

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Know your gems

The world of jewellery is mysterious as much as it is beautiful. Thanks to NWJ, you can get to know this world a bit better. Anniversary gift guide and birthstones cheat sheet available on the website can prove to be very helpful when you’re looking for an anniversary or birthday gift. Good to Know section includes a collection of useful facts about diamonds, gold, pearls and various gemstones. You can also learn how to properly clean and care for your jewellery pieces.

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NWJ Sale

Not only NJW products are usually cheaper by 35% as compared to other retailers, NJW just loves issuing new sales and promotions. Check out NWJ Sale section to find special offers on the best among the best in stock. Time it right and you can get even 50% off on all kinds of jewellery! Now, that’s a lot. To never miss such an opportunity, remember to visit Picodi – your daily source of discount codes and promotions. Moreover, check NWJ  catalogue 2018!

For more, join NWJ South Africa newsletter to get a real news mine. Receive info about exclusive offers, get sneak-peeks on new arrivals, be the first to know about competitions and upcoming events, check out current exhibitions and order new catalogues.


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