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Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever your story is - you love music. We all do. There is something that draws every human being into music. We enjoy listening to music, we enjoy singing (especially when there’s no one around to hear that) and we can’t imagine watching films without music. It’s just a part of our lives. And nowadays we have technology that allows us to enjoy music to the fullest. Don’t believe it? Check Bose and see for yourself.

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Bose is an American company specializing in audio equipment. Bose sells products of its own brand, designed and manufactured in its own factories, with the use of its own patented technologies. The company has a considerable research history that led to groundbreaking inventions, some of which changed the ways of listening to music. Bose joins passion for the highest quality of sound with inventive approach and is always ready to surprise its customers with something excitingly new. Bose is a globally acclaimed company with people who “always dream of things that are better, and think of ways to reach those things”.

A little bit of history

The company was founded in 1964 but it didn’t pop up out of nothing. It all started from its founder developing an interest in electronics. To support his family, young Amar Bose opened a radio repair service. Then, he joined technical university to widen his knowledge about electronics.

Bose founder

After his graduation he bought a carefully chosen stereo system and was disappointed with its sound quality. This disappointment led to a growing passion for sound technologies’ improvement. He devoted himself to research and managed to get patents for his inventions. In 1964, he created a company for selling speakers and audio systems. His devotion and hard work paid off. The company quickly gained popularity and as soon as in 1972 began its global expansion. Today Bose is a globally acclaimed brand and a leader in sound systems’ innovation, hiring over 11 700 employees, working in four huge research facilities and operating through a few hundreds of stores around the world.

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What’s in store?

In two main categories: Headphones and Speakers, you may choose from earphones, noise cancelling headphones, wireless headphones, wireless speakers, stereo speakers, Wave systems, home cinema, accessories and other related products. Apart from that Bose has a wide offer of specialized products such as car audio systems, suited separately for different car brands, automotive suspension systems, professional audio systems for commercial settings and even military applications.

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Shopping at Bose

  • Browse categories to find products that you’re interested in. If you have any problems, doubts or questions go to Support page and find specialized guides for different products or contact customer support – they will be happy to help you.

  • Find a product that you like and click on it. On the product’s page you will see description of a product, recommendations for accessories to complement it, frequently asked questions and reviews.

*  Note that Bose doesn’t put typical sound specifications in their products descriptions. The company follows the philosophy of its founder who believed that traditional measurements are not enough to truly evaluate audio quality. According to Bose, it depends on the listener’s perception. That’s why you are given a 30-day risk-free trial. Buy, receive, try out and either keep or return to the store for a full refund.

  • Add chosen products to your basket and go to checkout. Enter your delivery and billing address. Choose a delivery option – standard delivery is free and takes 3-5 business days.

  • Select your payment method and fill in payment details. Review your order and confirm it. Pay and... wait. Receive, try out, enjoy!

Bose basket

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To pay less for amazing Bose products you can hunt for promotions that are issued by the store. You can visit the website to find them. Or you can follow Bose on Facebook and Twitter. Or you can sign up for their newsletter – you will receive information about promotions, new arrivals and exclusive offers.

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