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There is so much entertainment out there but hardly any is of any worth at all. TV shows and the internet are all good, however we lose sight on what’s really worth our time. If you’re looking for quality past time activity that will enrich you in many ways, check out Kinokuniya Books, the best online bookstore on Singaporean market.

Even though books aren’t the most expensive thing on earth, you can do better. With Picodi vouchers you have access to the best releases in local and world literature and all of that is available for much less than you think. With subscription, you will be informed about the best deals ever.

About Kinokuniya

You can search for books in many different ways, whichever suits you best. First and foremost, when you know what you’re looking for, just type in the title or the name of the author into the search box. Not really sure of this information? Click on advanced search to narrow down the number of your results and find the right one.

Categories of books

You can also use the categories, which are divided into the languages books are released in. If you click on English Books, the further category division will open in front of you. Click on Biography, self-help or any other you’re interested in. You will also be suggested what are the current best sellers and what new titles have just arrived in store. As Kinokuniya believes in diversity and the power of language, it offers literature in Chinese, Japanese, French and German as well.

Apart from books you can also find other products like stationery. Stylish and practical notebooks and calendars always make great gifts but can also be very handy in your everyday business life. If you’re wondering what new hobby you’d like to try, something that is relaxing and will help you get you head around the issues of life, try Four-Leaf Cultivation kit. It will help you find balance in life so check out hobby and crafts accessories, musical instruments and more.

Reading as a hobby

If you want to become a frequent Kinokuniya customer, you can apply for Privilege Card that gives you access to certain incentives, such as discounts, 10% off retail price, and promotions offered to members. Kinokuniya organises events, where members can join book signing and other exclusive venues.

Shopping information

Shopping online is nowadays the most convenient way of purchasing products and so Kinokuniya offers comprehensive customer service to all orders placed over internet. Your order will be processed as soon as your payment has been received and will be dispatched soon after. If you’re interested in a book that has not been released yet but has gained some recognition already, you can always pre-order to be the first to read it. Don’t worry that you have to pay for something that isn’t really available just yet. Your credit or debit card will not be charged until the book or an item leave the Fulfilment Centre.

Bestsellers at the bookseller's

If you want to exchange the book for some reason, you can do it within seven days of the date shown on the receipt. Should you receive a defective book or item, you can simply contact the customer service via email or send your enquiry through post and state what the issues is. It will then be handled for you.

If you’re thinking a book or any other item available at Kinokuniya online store would be a wonderful gift for someone, you can request gift-wrapping service to be provided at no additional cost at all. That’s not over! The store can also write a personalised message from you, so that the present is complete.

If you’re just browsing around and aren’t thinking about buying a book just yet (perhaps you want to place one big order?) you can add your search findings to your wish list. You will not need to look for them again and it will be much easier to fill your online basket. Remember, though, not to wait too long with your order because books placed in wish list are not reserved.

Kinokuniya promotions

Deals at Kinokuniya

If you’re looking for savings on books and other hobby and craft items, which are sold at Kinokuniya, you can take advantage of great promotions. This involved just a few steps:

  • Find the perfect promotion that will save you the most money.
  • Click on it and copy the coupon code, if you can see any.
  • Go to Kinokuniya’s online bookstore and start looking for available books.
  • When you see the one you want to buy, you can just click on it and read all the information about it.
  • Add it to cart. When done, go to your cart and see if your order is right.
  • Add your coupon codes and apply it. The price will change accordingly.
  • Remember that if you want to use your Privilege Card, you need to register and log into your account.
  • Proceed to payment and use your card to make it. Choose your delivery mode and enter the address.

That’s it! You can now enjoy quality entertainment in the comfort of your own home. Or you can keep shopping at Giant.

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