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Services’ treasure trove

Finding products online is relatively easy – you can look at the item, read about its quality and make a decision of buying it or not. You can also compare prices of the same item at different stores and choose the one that represents the best value for money. It’s a bit different with services, because you might not know where to look for a specific one you need. At Fiverr, however, you can look for contractors for many services you might need. And you don’t need to pay too much for it.

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Picodi can bring you the offers available at Fiverr with just a click of a mouse. If you’re not the type of person who likes to spend hours doing bargain research online, Picodi is your safe spot. With all the fantastic deals you can easily just relax and take full advantage of what internet has to offer.


The best thing about Fiverr is that services start at only five dollars. Each seller can be flexible with their fees but in general, most of them can be purchased at this price. Why is it so cheap, you ask? It’s simply because there are plenty of young people who have a specific talent but have had no other way to showcast it. It’s an opportunity for them to build an extensive portfolio of clients who have used their services and can recommend them. It’s more of a voluntary and networking opportunity on their own terms.

Freelance at Fiverr

It’s always great if you know someone who knows someone, who knows the guy who can do stuff for you. If you’re not that fortunate, though, you need to relay on internet and other clients’ reviews. With Fiverr you have access to the best contractors in your chosen area and you can actually meet someone talented and good at what they do.

When you run your own company you know that money needs to be invested before it can be earned back. This means that some marketing work has to be done and the internet is the best place to do it. It involves some design work related to your website, logo, marketing materials and more, and the more experienced person to do it, the better. At Fiverr you can meet those who have plenty of experience and those who are just starting out but their talent is exceptional. Your choice!

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Writers and editors can be found on Fiverr as well. People who would like to gain some experience and are therefore happy to lower their fees, offer their services in areas such as translation, business copywriting and proofreading. Great value for you and your business as well.

If you’re already a member but have more questions about how the site works, how to get accustomed with people on it or what to watch out for, there is a user forum. People on it will answer all of your questions without hesitation and are always happy to share their wisdom. It’s also a fantastic way to network for contractors and clients. Have even more questions and need some more in-depth knowledge? Check out the blog which talks about the news in the technology world and gives you some practical tips on how to run your business.

Selling at Fiverr

On the other side of the line, if you’re a freelancer who is looking for some part time job, want to develop your skills and show off what you’re made of, this is the place for you. You can just start selling your digital services and market your brand to a large number of clients from around the world. There is no better way to find people who would be interested in what you do.

Fiverr promotions

Fiverr is a great way to save on services which would normally cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. But with Picodi, you can easily save all that money and spend it on something else. Just:

  1. Take a look at promotions, which are live at the moment.
  2. Click on one of them and you will be redirected to Fiverr’s website. Copy the discount code if it appears on the screen.
  3. Remember to always pay attention to expiration date of the promotion – not all of them are ongoing.
  4. When you’re on the website, look for a chosen contractor by firstly clicking on the right category and then, on the right sub-category.
  5. The list of available contractors with starting prices will appear on your screen.
  6. Click on one of them and you will see the reviews they have already received, the number of orders which are waiting to be delivered and the price range. Take your pick.
  7. Proceed to order. The details will be written down for you to see and confirm. Pay with your card as usual.

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These were services, but what about products? Amazon offers great prices on items for business owners.

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