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Golden Village

Imagine passionate love, exciting adventures, mysterious cases, hidden treasures, amazing powers and many more in just one place. Where? In one of  Golden Village cinemas, of course! We all go to the cinemas to be moved, to be amazed, even shocked, but also amused and entertained. Golden Village gives you all that – along with comfortable place to sit, tasty snacks to eat and prices that no one can beat!

Golden Village is a Singaporean cinema exhibitor with 12 multiplexes and cineplexes placed across the country. It was established in 1992 with the opening of the Yishun 10 cinema. At the moment, they already scheduled the opening of their 13th cinema which will totally give you over 100 screens to watch movies on. In 1993 Golden Village Pictures emerged – an independent film distributor to provide viewers with a wide variety of movies at competitive prices.

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A place where dreams come true

Golden Village offers an amazing variety of titles among which are the hottest, most popular movies in the world. Everyone will find something for themselves. However, at Golden Village, they don’t limit themselves to displaying the best movies there are. They also take a full care of your comfort and pleasure, inviting you to their beautifully designed, well furnished cinemas and offering you a wide selection of delicious snacks and beverages. Moreover, to satisfy the most sophisticated desires they created luxurious and exquisite Gold Class – for even more intense, unforgettable experience. And, what is more, you don’t need to wait in a long queue to buy a ticket. You just may, without any hassle, book your tickets online, on Golden Village website.

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But how to do so? Elementary, my dear Watson

Indeed, it is very simple. On the left side of the main page you will find a small box for “Quick Buy”. No need to log in or enter hundreds of details. Just six choices for you.

  1. choose the cinema you want to go to.
  2. choose the movie you want to watch.
  3. choose date and time you want to be at.
  4. choose the seat (or seats) you want to sit on.
  5. choose the type of the ticket you want to buy.
  6. choose the payment method you want to finalize your transaction with.

Then you will only need to give some information needed for making a payment and you will get a confirmation of your purchase. After that, you may relax and wait for that great moment when you’re going to watch the movie. As simple as that.

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Sharing is caring…

It’s fun to watch movies. But it is even more fun to share this experience with your friends and family! They will be really happy when you invite them. Why not spread more happiness by giving them such wonderful gifts as movie vouchers and gift cards? So that they can get their favorite snacks or go to a popular movie with you? Wouldn’t it be great? Besides, everyone loves watching movies. And that makes Gift Cards and Movie Vouchers issued by Golden Village a suitable gift idea for everyone! No more trouble wondering what to buy for your aunt’s birthday or for this one cousin that you barely know. Just introduce them to Golden Village magical movie world!

…and business is business

At Golden Village you may not only spend some quality time with your loved ones but also take care of your business matters and do it in a grand data-style. You are invited to organize corporate events in Golden Village cinemas, whether it would be a private screening, a series of seminars or staff trainings. A choice from 11 convenient locations, luxurious, tastefully designed interiors, top quality digital sound system and professional, service oriented staff will leave a lasting impression. Five easy steps – it’s everything you need to do to make your guests grateful for this memorable experience.

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I want it! And I want it cheap!

That’s great because Golden Village has it exactly the way you want. There is a whole separate subpage called “Promomtions” where you can find all ongoing sales and discounts. Whether it’s a cheaper ticket, a promo on snacks or movie-related gadgets for a lower price – you will get it all on that one page. You can also join Golden Village Movie Club that will allow you to use exclusive benefits only for members. But there is a simple trick that will help you to save even more money while enjoying your favorite movies. What is it? Just register on and you won’t miss any of our special discount codes and other promotions for Golden Village pleasures.

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