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Picture Perfect Nostalgia

People of the world today don’t always use pens, pencils and paper. They don’t write letters, send postcards or run diaries anymore. Everything is in rush. One quick click and we do our shopping, organize our busy schedules, arrange meetings, work… We use our computers like the most private journals. There’s a place for our very important messages, mails, plans, and of course – pictures. Tons of pictures. Online albums and overloaded folders. Sometimes, it may only be a little bit nostalgic – to remember those times when you had 36 pictures on your camera only. And you had to wait all excited to have them developed. Then, you could put them into a paper album as a reminder of the most precious moments and always go back to your favorite memories just by turning the pages. Oh, happy times.

Happy Story Making…

At they believe in the power of visual storytelling. The company based in Goa and Singapore has its customers all over the world. They have mastered mediums and tools to design and print private stories and they believe it’s helping to create one’s own art. Since 2007 the company motto says: “happy story making” and in their offer we can find many, many ideas on how to do it. It all makes great sense, as it’s said that people don’t read anymore that much as they used to. They watch things instead. Is photography the new read? In how many ways can we express ourselves then and create our own amazing stories to remember?

Photos at Photojaanic

Photo-books for all occasions

There are at least three very important situations in which everyone wants to remember as many details as possible. When you travel, when you get married, and when you have kids. For all of those special occasions it’s a very good idea to prepare not only ordinary albums but beautifully designed, made with care and perfection – photo-books. They may be colorful or black-and-white only. You can keep them between your favorite books and stories and go back to those exceptional memories as often as needed. Page by page, there will be space for every amazing detail that you experienced during your journey, hour by hour your lovely wedding ceremony day or 365 days of the first year of life of your child. If you like the idea, you can have the whole shelf of such amazing stories named for example: Paris, Ireland, I’m 3 years old, Our Special Day, and so on as the stories continue.

Occassions at Photojaanic


Prints and wall art

What if you liked to stick to traditional albums rather than photo-books? There is no problem – at Photojaanic you can also order all types of prints (standard prints, square and mini) in very good prices. However, there will also be an option to make it big size and get mounted prints, gallery-wrap canvas, posters or collage posters. What’s more beautiful than pictures of your own lovely memories on your walls? You will smile every time you look at them. Not to mention they will automatically bring those happy feelings to you.

Personalized wall art


Personalized gifts

Sometimes we keep looking for a perfect gift and when we finally decide to buy something that seems to be a little…cliché. Imagine what difference would it make to get not an ordinary mug but a mug with the faces of your beloved ones. Every coffee just would have to taste better if you drank it from such a personalized cup. The same with birthday, valentine or holiday cards. You will also smile every time when you see your personalized desktop calendars (how much cooler would work be!), wine bottle labels (yes!), mobile cases, key-chains, notebooks, notepads, stickers, and more.

Special gifts at Photojaanic

Priceless stories are not expensive at all!

As you can see the possibilities for telling your stories visual way are numerous. So are the codes from Picodi which enable you to get your chosen products even cheaper than before. There are Photojaanic promo codes and coupons, Photojaanic discounts, and Photojaanic sales and special offers on our website. We are not offering you just about 5% off of the regular price – the discounts we’re talking about are around 35% and more. All you need to do is to look carefully what you are the most interested in and find the perfect match for a desired promotion. Picodi will instruct you what to do next.

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Usually, you will only need to click the button “Get the Deal” or “Reveal the Code” which must be then entered during checkout in the Discount Code box at Photojaanic website. If you choose the option “shop sales and special offers at Photojaanic” you will automatically be redirected and find yourself on the page dedicated to the best discounts there. If you like all of those ideas for unique memorabilia and the very economic ways to purchase them, you will also like some other Picodi coupons, vouchers and ideas to celebrate special occasions, for example you can find out about the latest Roses Only promotions. Have a lovely time collecting your memories, preparing surprises and telling your stories!