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Book your hotel in Phuket with Kaligo and get even 6200 Avios per night!
  • expired: 2017-07-07

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Kaligo voucher codes


For most of us, traveling is all about experiencing new, unknown things and making beautiful memories. Whether it's a long awaited trip with a meticulously planned sightseeing tour or a spontaneous getaway with a group of friends, we hope it's going to be a journey worth remembering. We want everything to be just perfect – lovely weather, delicious cuisine, fascinating encounters with local people and their culture and the very thing that completes the whole experience – the place you're staying at. When it comes to weather or locals, all you can do is count on your luck. As for accomodation though, better take matters into your own hands and with Kaligo.com find a hotel that you will never want to leave.

Kaligo voucher codes at Picodi Singapore

Kaligo is a global hotel booking platform that was established in 2014 by Kaligo Private Limited and has gotten widely popular ever since. Let's just look at some numbers first: Kaligo offers you a  selection of 365 000 estates spread across 200 cities. So wherever you're headed, rest assured, you will find a comfortable place to stay with some help from Kaligo. Not only can they present you with the cosiest lodging in every part of the world, but it's also for the best price on the market. Furthermore, thanks to real-time connecting with local companies, results from smaller businesses are also included in the searching process and they often prove to have the most wonderful offers. Not to mention, every estate has a full description and gallery of stunning pictures as well as ratings and reviews from previous customers.

All you have to do is create an account on Kaligo.com (which won't cost you anything, by the way), then just enjoy all the perks. And trust us, there are a lot of them.

Kaligo voucher codes at Picodi Singapore


As we've already established, Kaligo.com really should be your go-to website whenever you're in need of a nice lodging during your travels. What exactly makes Kaligo stand out among other, similar platforms? Well, aside from truly remarkable quality of their service, they also provide all customers with an amazing reward system. Kaligo has partnered up with multiple loyalty programs like Royal Orchid Plus, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, Mileage Plus United, Topbonus Airberlin, Garuda Miles and Jet Privilege, just to name a few, together bringing you a one of a kind booking experience.

So how does it work? When you're already a signed member of Kaligo you choose a program that's most suitable for your needs. You can take your pick from dozens of available airlines and credit card loyalty programs. From now on whenever you book a hotel at Kaligo.com, you're getting rewarded with extra miles and points which then get automatically credited to your program of choice and earn you free flights, shopping vouchers or other fantastic benefits. The number of points that can be gathered from booking a room at a particular hotel is clearly displayed every time, so you can take that information into account before taking your pick from a plethora of estates listed on Kaligo.

The booking process itself is very easy and, most importantly, completely safe thanks to a certified secure transmission of your personal data.

Kaligo voucher codes at Picodi Singapore


You might wonder how is that all possible - innovative searching process, wide variety of estates to choose from, affordable prices and to top that off, a really great reward system? Is Kaligo some kind of miraculous non-profit organisation? Let us explain how it actually works. First of all, the company regularly receives comissions from the hotels, since Kaligo helps rent the rooms that would otherwise probably stay empty. While other companies like to use money from comissions for marketing purposes, Kaligo doesn't really need to do that. Instead of paying for banners and TV commercials, they've got a much better idea for their campaign: just keep the customers happy and satisfied and let them spread the word. No advertising needed. For all the money saved on marketing, Kaligo can support their amazing reward program.

Kaligo voucher codes at Picodi Signapore


You know what they say – there's always room for improvement. As if all the benefits from using Kaligo.com were not enough, we still have some incredible deals to offer. For instance, how about getting access to all the exclusive bonus offers delivered straight to your mailbox? Tempting, isn't it? If you don't want to miss on opportunities as good as this one or better, visit https://www.picodi.com/sg/kaligo for even more Kaligo promotions.


Kaligo promo codes at Picodi Singapore

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