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Singapore is lucky enough to have fairly well operating public transportation system. In fact, very often it’s completely unprofitable to have your own car in the city. However, there are days when you can’t take the train or the bus and you must get to the venue by car. What if you don’t have one, just like thousands of other Singaporeans? Take a taxi ride! But which one should you choose? The best idea is to book the car with the largest taxi operators – the most renowned and the most trustworthy. CDG Taxi is it.

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Picodi supports your efforts to save the environment but also understands the need to get somewhere quickly. For this reason, it gives you a multitude of voucher codes and promotions to use with CDG Taxi and other shopping outlets. Save the natural habitat and your money at the same time? This is the newest trend worth spreading.

Comfort and CityCab

Comfort and CityCab account for over 30 million taxi bookings every single year. This makes them the most frequently booked taxi services in the city. People value the company for its state of the art cars, spectacular results in on-time arrivals and bespoke customer service. Whenever you need someone to give you a ride anywhere within Singapore, there is no point in choosing another company.

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How is it different from all the other taxi companies? Its booking system is probably what stands out the most. You don’t need to call the traditional number (although you can if you’re not that into technological solutions). You can use the SMS booking system that allows for quick and hassle-free book-and-confirm process. That’s not all. If you have a smartphone, it can be used to call your taxi as well without dialing the actual number. It doesn’t matter if you have an IOS or an Android, you can use dedicated apps to call your taxi within minutes. Their GPRS system will track your location in order to connect you to the car that is currently nearest you.

Services from CSG

If you have special needs of any kind, Comfort and CityCab will cater to them as well. For example, if you’re a wheelchair user, all you need to do is state what kind of car you need and they will get you the best one. If you have a stroller and a child, simply state that you need a baby car seat and the company will make sure an appropriate one is provided. If you need a special type of limousine for whatever reason, that’s also available.

Some people don’t really like to carry cash wherever they go. For this reason, Comfort and CityCab have prepared a cashless payments system that allows you to pay with your card in every car. You don’t need to worry about petty cash in your pockets. This is especially handy when you are going out in the evening and all you have are the pockets in your suit or a clutch handbag. No more coins flying around!

Booking system at CSG

If you’re interested in saving money on your taxi rides, simply check out the promotions page on their website. You can get a better fare on specific days of the week or on specified modes of payments. Take a peek regularly to stay updated and claim your promotional fare.

Comfort DelGro promo codes

If you know you must get somewhere on time and you don’t want to or you cannot take your car or public transportation, order Comfort taxi for your own convenience. Remember there are amazing deals waiting for you. Simply:

  • Find them on Picodi’s website. Check the expiration date and whether they apply to you. Click on the deal and you will be transported to the company’s website or be given a promotional code to copy. Follow the instructions.
  • When you’re on the company’s website, just find the service you want and check the number. You can order your taxi by dialing the number stated on the page or by downloading the app for your operating system. Check the SMS number if you prefer to do it this way.
  • Order your taxi ahead (just to be safe). You can pay by card in the car if you want to.
  • Remember to check special offers at Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. There might be some huge discounts available.

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If you liked what you saw, and you think it’s the most convenient way to book your taxi ride with Picodi, don’t forget to recommend it to your friends and family. Check out other deals as well, for example, Millennium Hotels and

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