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This is your chance to visit Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark and pay just S$54 for the ticket. The service includes a 2-way bus ticket and 1-day entrance ticket. Pay S$60.00 per adult and S$54.00 per child or senior citizen.
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More about BusOnlineTicket:

The Easiest Way to Book your Holiday!

Do you still remember that there were times when everything needed to be done personally? In order to do simple shopping for food or clothes we always had to leave the house. Not too bad if the grocery’s shop was close to our place. Even better if we lived in the city center. Unfortunately, living in the countryside wasn’t so convenient at all times. Only using bicycles, cars or public transport made it a little bit easier. Supermarkets seemed to be a great solution – all grabbed in one place, finally! Now we can still do that and probably it’s a great pleasure from time to time. However, more and more often people nowadays decide to save their time or energy and they don’t go everywhere in person. Internet really is a great invention! In our opinion, sometimes even irreplaceable. For example, you want to go on a spontaneous short holiday trip. Previously, you would need to go to the nearest tourist office and ask for all the journeys available. Then, in some cases, you would have to go to the nearest railway or bus stations and ask about all the train or bus options most convenient for you. It takes at least half a day to plan such a journey personally. Why not via Internet then? This way is so much easier!

Booking at BusOnlineTicket

Click number one and you have all the desired destinations. Read about interesting places, think all the information through and choose the best one for you. Click number two and you get to know about all the routes possible: their times, prices, availability. It has never been easier indeed!

Why BusOnlineTicket.com?

As traveling has never been easier before, BusOnlineTicket takes it to extremes for your convenience. Not only you can check and book your tickets online like with most of the websites, but also it enables you to plan your whole journey! Yes, exactly, you don’t have to look for destinations, accommodation, transfers and traveling options separately!

Comfortable bussesAlthough the website is called BusOnlineTicket it also covers: bus and hotel bookings, train or ferry tickets, airport transfer, tours and attractions, hotels and travel packages. It doesn’t really make your booking any different if you choose ferry or train option instead of traveling by bus. Booking will remain same easy. You only choose in a simple menu of the site if you want your ticket to be single or return, then fill in the start point and your destination, departure date and the number of passengers. There are plenty of travel tips on the website with beautiful pictures of top destinations (they will for sure help you to make the best decision) through popular routes and tickets to a comprehensible guide on how to book.

Tour package

You can also find on the page some useful information about other tourists’ traveling experiences, their advice and shared memories.

Hey ho, let’s go!

To sum up the facts: BusOnlineTicket is one of the most reliable ticketing portals online. They operate in Malaysia and Singapore. In their offer there are more than 80 bus operators available for bookings, over 3000 routes to choose and 140-something destinations! The most popular bus routes depart from: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang, Malacca, Cameron Highlands, KLIA and KLIA2, Kuala Perlis and Ipoh. There are also almost 2000 train routes with 60 destinations all over Malaysia. As far as ferry routes are concerned they include Indonesia, Desaru, Langkawi, Penang and of course Singapore. Are you already convinced to travel with BusOnlineTicket?

Amazing places

The company has also prepared a loyalty system for their customers and it’s called “The New BOT Miles”. On the webpage you can read all about it and also find some details on how it works.

Picodi and BusOnlineTicket together make it really easier!

So we decided there is no need to go everywhere in person, not even leave your house, to arrange and book your trips of any kind. Then, we also learned that you are able to do it all (and we mean all together like: bus tickets, hotel bookings and car rentals) via just one and the same website! What was left unsaid? The fact, that there are also some great opportunities to save your money and get some BusOnlineTicket discount codes!

Tickets at BusOnline

Naturally, you can easily find them at Picodi. For example: “Bus and hotel bookings from $40”. Simply click on “Get the Deal” button and find out about some great and at the same time occasionally cheap destinations in Singapore and Malaysia. Another BusOnlineTicket promotion from Picodi: “Bus Tickets from $16.80”. Already got the deal? If you’re hungry for more there will be similar Picodi offers with codes, coupons and promotions for Wego, Hotel Quickly or RedBus for example.