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Enjoy no fees on laundry and groceries concierge service at honestbee. Pay with Standard Chartered credit card and use the promo code below at checkout to enjoy the offer.

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Honestbee Promo Code: Get Free Delivery with Standard Chartered

If you are a Standard Chartered cardholder, you can get a free delivery on groceries when you use the promo code provided. Don't worry about the delivery costs and order now!

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honestbee Food Promo Code: $12 Off On First Order

Use this promo code at checkout to receive $12 discount on your first purchase at honestbee food. A minimum order value of $24 is needed to avail this deal.

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honestbee Promo Code: $12 Off First Laundry

Save $12 on your first laundry with this promo code. Click and do your laundry for less!

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honestbee Rewards: Earn Coins Everytime You Shop

Earn 1 coin for every $1 spent at honestbee. Multiply your coins when you spend more. You can use your coins to buy exclusive rewards. Check out the landing page for details.

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Send your friend your own referral coupon and enjoy the savings. When your friend signs up with your referral link you both receive $10. Find all the instructions upon the landing page.

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Sign Up & Get $12 Off

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FREE Delivery on Your 1st Order Above $10

Enjoy free delivery on your first order above $10. Click the button and go straight to the honestbee website. No discount code required.

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Same Day Delivery and Same In-Store Pricing

Enjoy same day delivery and same in-store pricing at honestbee. Click to visit the website.

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The Best Way to Shop for Groceries in Sinagpore

Visit honestbee - the best way to shop for groceries in Sinagpore. Find out for yourself and visit honestbee today.

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Archive offer honestbee Promo: Up To 20% Frozen Food

Melt up for this promo! Get 20% discount on selected frozen food available at honestbee groceries! Go ahead and shop now!
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Get up to 75% off at Fresh with honestbee. Get more and spend less!
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Archive offer honestbee Promo: Up To $25 Off Selected Wines

Select a wine that will go perfectly with a romantic dinner, friends gathering and more amazing events! Go ahead and shop with even $25 discount now.
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Archive offer honestbee Promo: Up To 20% Meet And Seafood

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More about honestbee:

A concierge service for everyone

Shopping online is an incredibly convenient way to get all of your essentials. And since it has been introduced by most grocery stores in Singapore, you can get even more with even less effort. However, when you decide to shop for goods from grocery stores, you often think about the best saving opportunities. Or perhaps you want a specific product that is available in one specific store, which means your shopping would take much more time. If that is the case with you, try honestbee, a concierge service in Singapore.

Get all the information from the honestbee's website

Picodi is just like your personal shopping assistant, but instead of bothering you with all the unnecessary things, it gives you only the most profitable offers to grocery stores, fashion houses, electronics showrooms and beauty spots. Try it today and subscribe for free and you will never go shopping alone again.


Instructed to Singapore in 2014, it quickly gained the trust of people who didn’t want to or couldn’t shop personally. It became their advisor and assistant in their daily journey through grocery aisles in their favorite stores. So who is honestbee for?

Shopping with honestbee

Older people often don’t have the energy to go out and would prefer to stay at home. Perhaps they are feeling a bit under the weather and they don’t want to bother their loved ones. honestbee is a great way for them to go and shop for all the essentials without the need for ordering directly from the store. Instead, they can stay at home, invite their friends and devote their time and energy to what they like most.

If you’re organizing a party but you’re too busy to shop for grocery items yourself, you can find honestbee very helpful. They will go to one or multiple stores and pick up what you actually need. You won't have to worry about the time and you’ll finish your project on time. However, the best thing about concierge people called the Bees is that you don’t need to worry about the products either. If an item you requested isn’t available at that particular moment, you can expect a call from them with an alternative suggestion. This way you will get the full list of products delivered to your doorstep.

Delivered quickly and efficiently

Honest Bees are professionals who have been trained in shopping. Yes, shopping does require a certain skill and what is even more important – a personal touch. We all have our specific requirements when it comes to purchasing groceries as we pay attention to the pricing, freshness and the expiration dates. Bees are the same, with one exception – they shop for you, not the other way around. So whenever you don’t have the time, don’t have the energy or simply don’t feel like it, order a service that will do just as good a job as you would.

The pricing is clear and transparent. If your product isn’t available and you don’t agree with an alternative suggestion, your receipt will be adjusted accordingly so that you only pay for the items and services you received. This way you know you were treated with an honest and fair approach.

Get the app

honestbee discount codes

Online shopping has just been given a new face, which is much more convenient and quicker. If you want to see how much money you can save with honestbee and Picodi, just follow the below instructions:

  • Find all the deals published here on Picodi and click on one. If you see a discount code, you only need to copy it. If there isn’t any such thing, just go to the honestbee website.
  • When you’re there, remember to sign up and you will receive a discount on your first shopping.
  • Choose your store and give the Bees a list of products you need. As said before, if it’s not available or the use-by-date is too close, you will receive a phone call.
  • The list of stores that partnered up with honestbee is available upon clicking on the tab next to the logo.
  • Click on the Store and add your products to the basket.
  • Enter your postal code to indicate the delivery service.
  • You will see the total price but remember that you only pay upon delivery. Add a discount code you got from Picodi and apply it.

Amazing vouchers and promotions

This was extremely easy and you can shop for more with all the savings you’ve just made.