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Making the most of your travel means taking care of each and every single detail. Your accommodation is set and waiting for you to arrive, entertainment and dining booked. What about the journey itself? How do you take care of that? Do you leave it to the travel agent’s or do you book in advance yourself? With Air China you don’t need to worry about how you will get to your destination because with the right carrier, you will get everything you need and more.

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Air China is one of the most renowned airlines in Asia. With its spotless fleet and amazing customer service, you cannot possibly get better value for money. Air China can take you to countless destinations around the world in the most comfortable conditions. Take a peek of what the company offers you with each of your flight.

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Back in the day, each passenger had to go to the airport to purchase their plane tickets or go to a designated travel agency which had access to a software system, allowing them to do so. When much fewer people had credit or debit cards, this was the best option to travel internationally. Nowadays, many airlines offer online shopping as the primary means of purchasing tickets and in-flight services. So why choose Air China? The answer is simple: pricing. The best and the most widespread offer of international destinations at such low prices doesn’t come around all that often. So take advantage of the amazing spectrum of places you can travel to for less.

When you book your travel, you have access to the system allowing you to change your arrangements or purchasing additional products. These will include chauffeured transfer, transit hotel, transit lounge, first and business class foods, additional baggage allowance purchase, and advance seat selection. With a wide range of services, you can make sure your travel is as comfortable as possible.

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Want to explore even more saving opportunities? That’s not a problem with Air China, which publishes valuable promotions on their website. You will see travel products, discounts on destinations and special offers which are available for a limited time. For example, tickets to various Asian destinations start at only $400 per person and are offered on free seats only. Make sure you take advantage of them while they last.

If this is your first time traveling by plane and you aren’t sure what it's really all about, you can easily obtain all the necessary information via Air China’s website. This way you’ll ensure you get prepared in each aspect of your journey. There are things you need to remember about, for example, what you can take onboard and which things need to be left at home, or which documents you need to travel to various countries. Read the handy guide before purchasing your tickets or before checking in, just to be safe.

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You don’t need to be proficient at using the internet to get the most if it. All you need is the internet connection and access to Picodi website. Not much, is it? So let’s get started:

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Upon searching for your flights, you can check which offers are the best for you. Click on the flights (one way or return) and continue. Leave your details such as your name, billing address, your card number. At this time you also have the option of purchasing insurance and additional baggage. If you don’t want any of these, you can do it later on as well.

  • First, you need to check if there are any deals available at the moment. There might be different kinds, for example, promotions or discount codes. If the latter appears, copy it. If there is none, just go to Air China’s website.
  • Next, start looking for your ticket. Select your departure and destination airports, dates of travel, a number of people, the class you want to sit in, and anything else that is important for you. Traveling with an infant or a child? You must state that as well.
  • Before your flight, remember to check in online which will give you more flexibility and time before boarding the aircraft.
  • Travel in peace knowing you saved a lot of money.

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