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More about Expedia:

Travel anywhere you like for less

Years and years ago, traditional travel agencies monopolized the industry in a way that you were forced to go to one of them in order to book a holiday or a business trip. The choices, although varied, were basically the same on the market and the differences in pricing - slim. With that, you had no way of saving money in the long run. It changed with the rise in popularity of online shopping because the number of online travel sites increased dramatically. With so much choice out there, the customer has got all the information to make the right decision and to find a trip that suits their budget. That being said, it's always best to visit the biggest one in the first instance - Expedia, for both time and money saving aspect.

Search for available trips and holidays

For new users

If it's your first time at Expedia, you might be a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of accommodation, flight, and package options. There is just so much of it!

First of all, you can choose what kind of service you want to book. You are not restricted to reserving package deals or just flights and accommodation. You are allowed to be as picky as you wish.

Second of all, with only one visit, you are going to see property listings from the largest number of properties and airlines in the world. For any budget - from tiny to extensive - there is always something for everyone.

Finally, you get all the support you need. With these few clicks, you don't need to go anywhere to finalize your booking. Expedia takes care of everything, and all you need to do is search, pick and make the payment. And, of course, be at the airport or reach the destination at the right time!

Why Expedia

Expedia is, by far, the most frequently visited holiday booking website in the world and there's a good reason for it. It doesn't matter what your needs are - they will be fulfilled. Whether you're a family of five or a single traveler, Expedia will suit your budget and preferences.

For example, in some parts of the world, it's more popular to stay in an apartment with self-catering amenities. It's a fantastic way to save some money while not losing on things such as sightseeing, beautiful views or entertainment. On another hand, some people prefer the all-inclusive options with hotels by the beach. After all, holidays are for pure relaxation, nothing else.

Therefore, depending on the destination, you have a choice of apartments, private holiday homes, hotels, villas, apart-hotels, condos, cottages, hotel resorts and chalets, hostels, country and guest houses, B&Bs, pensions, all-inclusive resorts, caravan parks, townhouses, agritourism accommodation, residences, and houseboats. Could you possibly ask for a bigger range of types of properties?

The Add-on advantages

There is a range of services we find important with our stay, and we refuse to even consider a place without them. Make sure your stay is perfect and select the ones that are the most important for you: high-speed internet, air-con, swimming pools, free breakfasts, all-inclusive options, free parking, kitchen, places which allow pets, balcony or terrace (nothing beats an afternoon tea with the view on the mountains or the sea, right?), washers, dryers, patio yards,, gym, fireplace, hot tubs and private pools.

The most important aspect of using Expedia, and the biggest benefit, is the flexibility it gives you. No more scheduled holidays during which you had to adhere to someone else's timelines and be on time in order not to miss out on anything. Even if you're already at your destination, you can change your plans, extend your holidays, change your dates. If you decide to go, you don't need to book your return right away. Freedom of enjoying the holidays the way you want to is what Expedia is all about.

Holiday rentals available

How to book on Expedia?

You can book your trip in a variety of ways. Your needs are probably different from those of other customers, so Expedia meets you halfway and lets you book the services you actually need. What does it mean?

First of all, if you already have accommodation, you can look for flights alone. With over 450 airlines in the system, you will surely find something that suits your needs. Why should you look for a hotel if you're staying at your family's house or you have a vacation home yourself? On the other hand, perhaps you have already arranged a flight because it was just so cheap and now you're looking for a great deal on your stay? Click on 'Hotels' and select from available filters. Finally, you can opt for package deals of hotel + flight where everything is arranged for you, and you only need to enter your details and pay. It's the best option for you if you don't like to be bothered with careful planning.

Sometimes we might want to explore the destination we're going to, and we want to be independent of the hotel service. Expedia understands that and lets you book a car there. You can get from the airport to your hotel, drive around the city or even an island and explore the place your way. On the other hand, there is a possibility of reserving a seat on a train.

If you don't like the hotels and you prefer a more home-like feeling on your holiday, you can look for holiday rentals. Properties that resemble your own home in the most stunning places will allow you to experience that destination for what it really is.

That's not all, though. If you're flexible about the place, but you're after the experience, and you don't really like to spend your holidays doing nothing, you can easily look for Things To Do. Expedia is happy to provide you with some tips with regards to the destination, but you also can enter your own and see what is so interesting about the place. For example, if you wish to go to Tenerife, the system will find activities that you might find to your taste. The same goes for all the other destinations that are listed. Wine tasting in France, culinary trips in Italy, sight-seeing in Vienna or any other things you can think of. The world is your oyster so why not take advantage of it?

Check out the top deals

For business owners

If you're a company owner with international business and clients, you know very well that travelling can be costly. However, it has to be done. At the end of the year, when it comes to counting all of your expenses, you see that whenever you're able to save something, it has a big impact on your company. This is why you are always better off with booking your business trips on Expedia.

Why? First of all, the prices are competitive, and you are guaranteed the best value for money. Second of all, you get a range of accommodation types depending on your needs and your budget. You might be a sole trader who doesn't have to stay in a 5-star hotel, or you want to make your business trip about a little leisure as well. The choice is yours, and with Expedia, everything is sorted for you.

Finally, with the Rewards programmes and points collecting, you get incentives for your bookings. Not just in the material form but you can form valuable business relations when you have such a big choice of options. If you have employees, who travel in the country or internationally, every little bit saves you money and the fact that you can book trains, cars, and other services, makes it even more convenient for you to run your business.

Scheme for rewards

Practical information

Why be stuck to your computer to book your holidays or view available trips if you can use Expedia mobile app and do the same things wherever you are? The official app is not just convenient but also brings you certain benefits/ for example, the information is always up to date. This way you don't have to worry that you place your booking based on outdated info. Next, you don't need to worry about printing out your itineraries. They are already in the system, and your mobile device is all you need to show it. Finally, you might be able to receive double rewards on your bookings. Isn't it worth a shot?

On the other hand, one might wonder why to download it if you use your computer all the time anyway. One example is that when you're in transit and see an interesting package deal on Expedia. You know you want to book it and the sooner you do it, the better (the clock is running out!), but you still have some journey to do. With a mobile app, it only takes a few clicks. Another example of the convenience the app brings is that when you're already travelling and you wish to make last minute changes to your plans. You don't need to look for an internet cafe in the middle of nowhere if you only have your phone or tablet.

Collect Nectar points

Rewards programme

As any good host of e-commerce business would, Expedia also wants to reward you for your custom. It prepared a rewards programme in which you are winning every time you use the service. It's completely free, so you don't need to pay for the membership, and all you need to do is click the 'Join' button. You then start collecting points on travels which are eligible for the programme. Once you're a member, you can search for those trips exclusively, but more on that later.

When you join, you immediately earn the blue status. Once you spend £5,000 on your reservations or you stay a total of 7 nights in one calendar year, you receive a badge of +silver status. Finally, for spending £10,000 or spending 15 nights in one calendar year, you become a +gold member.

More importantly, once you become a member, you get exclusive offers, ones that other members won't. You will also receive an option of flexible check-in at various hotels, and you might even be eligible for bonus earned on top of your points.

However, that's not all. If you're a member of Nectar and you actively collect points, you can do that with Expedia as well. Once you have your card, you don't need to apply for a new one, just use the same one you use in your grocery store. If you don't, apply for it in a simple application process online or in store. You can start collecting points immediately.

Rewards programme

An opportunity for property owners

Expedia can only be the biggest holiday booking website because of the properties listed. Offering such a broad range of accommodation would not be possible without people who took the first step to add it to the platform. If you own a property that your guests love and you think you're ready to have it advertised across the world, learn more about working with Expedia.

The biggest benefit you get from listing your property is the fact that Expedia Group is not just one website. It's over 600 million site visits every single month by travellers from around the world who are looking for a variety of accommodation. From hostels to 5-star villas and all-inclusive hotel stays. Now, you can become one of those happy entrepreneurs as well. You will reach a global audience, and since the needs of customers are completely different from one another, you are bound to find guests and more business.

You will also receive all the support you need to manage all those bookings that will be pouring in via Expedia. For example, if your prospective customers are looking for package deals, you don't need to worry about arranging the flights - Expedia will take care of that. The process is very easy - register and Expedia representatives will contact you back. Then, your property will be scheduled for a check. If everything goes well and both of you are happy with the terms, you can start advertising on Expedia.

Similarly, if you don't own property, but you're a business owner that offers activity services, you may also add your business to Expedia. Whether it's car rental or something specifically local, you can become an Expedia expert and earn more revenue by advertising on the site. It's more beneficial both for you and for the travellers because they often search for activities while they are already in your city/town. Get more exposure with Expedia and allow people from around the world to get to know you.

Search for available trips and holidays

Additional information

You have learned quite a bit about Expedia. However, nothing beats the real thing and the experience you gain from booking your trips yourself. So, where's Picodi is all of that? It's simple - it gives you an insight into fantastic promotions and offers without you even knowing. With a quick and simple registration process, you will start receiving a newsletter with all the information you need about Expedia, and its vouchers. We offer even more deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If you're keen onto saving more money simply visit our dedicated Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages to check out all crazy deals, offers, and promos! 

This way, you don't need to waste time searching for the best deal because it's delivered to your virtual door. You can find a range of discount codes, vouchers, coupons and, in the case of internet shops, the option of free delivery or gifts. More importantly, Picodi is completely free to use and available 24/7. You're never restricted to the UK shops and service providers because it's available in over thirty countries which makes it even easier for you to shop internationally.

What are you waiting for? Register now and view deals to Althea and iHerb.