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Aliexpress Monthly Special Promo: Up to 70% Off Construction Toys

That's what kids like the most! Check out the promo at Alibaba and save even 70% off regular price of construction and building toys. That's a month of construction frenzy!


Super Deals at Aliexpress - Save Even 95%

Visit this Super Deal section at Aliexpress and find the newly updated deals that can save you up to 95%. Products included in the section are such as mobile phones, tablets, fashion and other.

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Archive offer Aliexpress Promo: New Year, New Bags! Up to 71% Off

See the offer at the website and indulge your inner bargain animal - now bags are on up to 71% promo at Aliexpress. Shop now!
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Archive offer Aliexpress Promo: Tech Gadgets Up to 50% Off

Calling all technological maniacs! Alibaba has an amazing sale of technological solutions, including voice recorders, phones, computers and many more on up to 50% discount! Check out the offer and grasp them all!
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Archive offer Black Friday Aliexpress Promo: Even Over 60% Off

Shop the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales at Aliexpress! Save even more than 60% on fashion, beauty, electronics and more!
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Archive offer 11.11 Celebration At Aliexpress: Up To 70% Off

Singles Day is almost here! Enjoy discounts up to 70%, extra vouchers, amazing deals and more is just a click away Click the red button to check out all available products and promos
  • expired: 2018-11-12

Archive offer Halloween Essentials From US $0.10 at Aliexpres

Get ready for Halloween with Aliexpres. Shop all the essentials for your Halloween party. Prices start at just US $0.10.
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More about Aliexpress:

Aliexpress coupons

If you aren't a regular online shopper and deal hunter in Philippines you may not be aware of the fact that most of the online stores present not only in Philippines but also all around the world – list their products at prices that are really significantly bigger than the real cost of the production so they can create some profit for themselves through a huge number of sales. That's natural and we shouldn't blame them. But at the same time it means that you overpay for your favourite products because you don't buy them directly from the producer but through a retailer.

And now just imagine that there was a place in the web that offers you the chance to buy all the same products at the original manufacture price, allowing you to keep tons of money in your wallet. Would be great, huh? And luckily for you, such place dedicated to shoppers like you has been created – it's name is Aliexpress (by Alibaba), website offering tens of millions of products direct from the selling manufacturers at prices you won't find anywhere else!

Aliexpress coupons page

Right now Aliexpress is said to be the most visited online shopping website not only in Philippines, but worldwide. As much as it should speak volumes for the shopping community, it's hardly a surprise considering the unbeatable prices on best quality products, free shipping all around the globe and a large list of Aliexpress coupons and promotional offers. As unbelievable as it may sound, currently Aliexpress is visited more than 1 billion people every month.

If that doesn't say it all about the reliability, great prices and quality on offer at Aliexpress then we don't know what will! The huge reason of the success that Aliexpress website is enjoying is the fact that it was the first website to be created purely for the users looking for the same quality products like in the most popular online stores, but at much less prices – paying only for the cost of production and minimum sale value. Apart from being unique because of this fact, Aliexpress is a typical online marketplace that offers products of highly distinguished genres that include: fashion apparel & accessories for men, women and kids (prices starting at just $0.80), electronic devices and home appliances (prices starting at $2) and jewellery like earrings, bracelts, necklaces (available from $0.5).

Aliexpress super deals section

As low as the prices on most products are at Aliexpress – believe it or not – they can still be made even smaller if you decide to use our Aliexpress coupons & Aliexpress coupon codes listed in this offer section at Picodi. Most of the coupons we are talking about will be seller-specific coupons – that means that every seller at Aliexpress – and there are tens of thousands of them there – will offer his own coupons and promo codes. To use such coupon you will most likely have to meet certain minimum spend value or make a bulk order. Of course, apart from such deals, there are also Aliexpress coupons available for sitewide use, meaning that they work on all orders. Such are less common though and appear only from time to time.

These days the biggest savings can be made not neccesarily via the Aliexpress website but with the Aliexpress mobile app for which exclusive coupons will be also displayed at Picodi. Aliexpress organises many more exclusive sale events for the app users and along with them come many coupons although more often than not limited number of them is available so first come, first served.

Aliexpress shopping genres

Since the prices on Aliexpress are so low, you may think that the quality of products is also low and the brands are not the most popular. Couldn't be more wrong! At Aliexpress you will find such popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Lenovo, Calvin Klein and more – all full of genuine products at little cost. Along with the big choice of products you get 100% quality guarantee and free delivery on most orders at Aliexpress. Unless the order meets your expectations, you can always return it to the seller and claim for a full refund or exchange of product. Although most products are shipped from China, they are delivered all around the globe free of costs in no more than 3 weeks time in most instances.

Thanks to our list of Aliexpress coupons & promo codes you can be sure about paying less for your order at Aliexpress although do remember that we only offer Aliexpress sitewide coupons. In order to grab newest seller-specific deals, visit sellers shop pages at Aliexpress.