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Someone once said that the more you read, the bigger chance of being successful in life you posses. Reading increases the level of our knowledge in whichever field we want to improve in and of course it expands our vocabulary use. You may try finding drawbacks of being a regular and dedicated reader but we rush to disappoint you - you won't find any. If you love reading and this is the way you want to improve your life, skills & knowledge or you simply do it for fun and as a form of relax, it would be wise to know where to shop for the biggest collection of books available at more than affordable prices.

When it comes to shopping for such in the Malaysian web, you won't find many better, popular and more reliable desinations than MPHonline which is clearly the largest online bookstore not only in Malaysia but across the whole continent. Why the largest? Simply because no other book-selling website comes close to the tens of thousands of book titles that is currently on offer at MPHonline. And the number still grows!

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Book types at MPHonline

Apart from newest book titles that are coming out every month, what you can buy at MPHonline are all the school references any Malaysian may need including Revision Books and International Workbooks of any subject you need. It's not the school references books that MPHonline is mostly renowned for though as 95% of customers shopping at this wonderful online bookstore opt for such genres as:

  • fiction books (romance, crime, science-fiction, mystery, thriller)
  • non-fiction books (history, religion, entertainment, games & sports, self development)
  • children & teens (junior reader, baby & toddler, poetry & rhymes)

Apart from these, at MPHonline you will be able to find exclusive collections of books: Malaysian (fiction & non-fiction) as well as Asian (fiction & non-fiction). It goes without saying that whatever you are after during your today's visit to MPHonline, you will most likely get it and additionally you have a big chance of saving some nice amount of RM on your purchase if you are lucky enough to come across MPHonline promo code or MPHonline promotional offers available at Picodi.

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Bestsellers available at discounted prices

Apart from regular book titles and new releases, the great side of shopping for books at MPHonline is that majority of "Best Sellers" are available at more than affordable prices often discounted by even 50%. If you combine such discounts with the additional help of promo codes and MPHonline code offers at Picodi, you may get fantastic titles for as little as just 2RM! If that wasn't enough, you can always visit the Special Offers section in which is updated every week and includes such promotions as Buy 2 Get 1 Free, special price-cuts on pre-orders as well as bulk order discounts.

Free Delivery without MPHonline promo code

Free shipping at MPHonline is back! After many pleas from the loyal customers, MPHonline has gone back to offering 100% free delivery across Malaysia on all orders - without the need of MPHonline promo code. As long as all the books you want to buy are in stock, you can expect your order to be delivered to your door for free within 3 - 5 business days. When it comes to International Shipping, a small delivery cost is applied to your order and the wait is up to 2 weeks.

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Apart from MPHonline, there are other online stores where you will be able to find many book titles available at affordable costs. For cheap books and school references. try out our discount deals for Lazada, Aliexpress and Shopee.

Mphonline, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!

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